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How can I make a free blog without an hosting account where I can place google ads? I would like to have a custom domain too. Which is the best platform to go with to meet my requirements? Please explain a step by step procedure as I am a novice in blogging. I would also like to have a SEO ready blog as I am a beginner. Thanks in advance

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It is super easy, but a bit time consuming.

You can create a blog with the help of blogger, for example. You create the blog, the way you want. When everything is done, you can create an account at adsense (so you receive for the ads posted on your blog). When you have a blog on blogger or blogspot it  automatically allows you to monetize it. All you have to do is really wait for Google to accept you (as they evaluate the quality of your content before adding ads to your site). Once they approve you you will post a line of code on your blog. Everything is simpler than it sounds, really.

You can research for keywords using adwords (from Google). Then you can add them on the tags area of every post from your blog.
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If you have a WordPress account you can't add any types of ads to this account unless you upgrade. You will need to purchase a Premium account to do this one and you'll also have to have a domain name.
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If you want to create a blog or website that you aren't paying for hosting, then you'll need to go to one of the free hosting sites available online. Sign up with this service and install WordPress on the hosting site. 

  1. Before you ever start, you'll need to pick a domain name and pay the domain name. You'll need this to get started and to have Google accept your account.
  2. Now go to one of the free hosting sites and register for the free service. Add your domain name that is paid for, otherwise, you end up with your one they give your or an extension that references their hosting company. Much like WordPress does. 
  3. Install WordPress on the hosting site.
  4. Create your account.
  5. Start to advertise and get site visitors.
  6. Build up your account so Google will accept you as a member.
  7. With the free hosting company and WordPress as an add-on you can now easily add advertisements to your site. 
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If you want to start a professional blog without buying a hosting then the best place is As you want to monetize your contents through google ads and want a custom domain there no other choice better than blogger.

Free hosting accounts are there but relying on it will lead you to buy a hosting later whenever your website gets some few traffic. So it is not advisable. And about WordPress, you can't add any ads of your own unless you get an upgraded WordPress or a self-hosted one. There are many other blogging platforms too but you can't have a custom domain with all of them and even if you can do it there may be any limitation such as adding a code or placing an advertisement on it. Above all of these, you must consider the uptime of your blog and the security of your data. Here with the term security, I am not pointing a firewall but any data loss that could happen with non-reliable platforms. Blogger has an easy backup option that too as a small XML file.

All the above limitations can be sorted out with an ease of using a blogger blog. I suggest you go for a custom domain as in your question instead of using a blogspot subdomain. Recently blogger has made an option to use https on a custom domain. So you will get a not only a free hosting but also a free SSL. Isn't it good? Blogger has many new attractive refreshed templates now. These themes are super fast and very responsive on almost all size displays. You are also getting an out of the box SEO on new blogger. Pointing your domain to your blogspot is also very easy. There is step by step instructions provided on blogger. Using a blogger platform from google you can fully concentrate on your blog and you don't need to worry about updating or reinstalling plugins, updating platform version, handling spams, security checks or anything like bandwidth, traffic limit, inodes, entry process limit etc. All these will be done for you by Google for free of cost through their amazing platform. Why shouldn't use this feature? And why should you go to another platform?

If you are planning to place google ads you can just add google ad gadget there on the layout if you have an already approved Adsense account. If you don't have one you can apply for an Adsense account right from the earning tab on your blog's dashboard panel. 

While Google is giving such a beautiful platform to work on with then why aren't people utilizing it? People have a mentality that something that getting free is to just play with it or to make an experiment. Several spammers are also using this platform that will give others a feeling that blogger is not for me. Many people just start with blogger and they will lose their efforts like nothing and then they blame on blogger for not getting traffic. But they are not realizing that their success in blogging lies in their content than a platform. If you use blogger wisely then you can be a successful pro blogger for sure. If you have any doubts you can ask me here for comments.

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Blogger is the best platform where you don't have to pay anything for hosting and you can add custom domain as well.

Blogger have some benefits:

  • It is provided free hosting.
  • Can give multiple theme option to select.
  • Can earn money through Adsense.

Steps to create blog on Blogger

  • Register a domain name:
  • Create a blog
  • Update Cnames with domain registrar

Blog promotion is important to earn money from the can follow below mentioned activities to grow your blog.

Search engine optimization:

It will help to rank websites on search engines like Gooogle, Bing and so on.Ranking help you traffic and conversion for your blog.

Pay Per Click:

Using paid platforms like Google and Facebook you can grow your traffic. These are paid platforms and you have create appealing ad copy where user clicks on your ad and redirect towards your landing page of your website.

Social Media Marketing

Publish valuable blog content on social medial platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and so on.

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