जीवन में प्यार महत्वपूर्ण है लेकिन कुछ लोग जीवन में अकेले रहना पसंद करते हैं लेकिन क्यों?

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Well, I'm not single now. But a few months ago I was single and it was pretty much because of my introverted nature, I just don't talk to people never interact with anyone. It was very rare for me to have a conversation with someone.
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Being single sometimes can be due to one's personal choice or by circumstance. For instance one might have been hurt in a previous relationship and vows to be single other may be due to a partner dying or struggling with a mental disease and wondering out in the streets. Hence being single can be contributed by many factors. 
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Yes i'm single because in present i'm preparing for my civil services examination whose preparation demands full concentration on my preparation and give rest to my mind and body as more as possible that's why it is very important for me to keep my self single in life till my examination gets over.
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Single it is better than having a couple and if you are single you will have a lots of time and enjoy your meal and live but every single like to have a couple but then they don’t like it, hope to understand me.
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Yes. I am single at present. But I am going to marry in 2022. I am in love. I just very happy with my life partner. I am so glad to say I am in love
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I've been so single that I can't even explain .

Going anonymous for some reasons.

Phase 2

Well let's take you all long back when I wasn't single and girlfriends were like cup of tea and I was enjoying . I was thin, had nice haircut and basically cared about my looks and dressing style. I have huryed alot of girls saying “you don't look good” “you are black “ !

I'm not a racist but the Ego I had didn't knew would pay me off in such way. I didn't knew I was hurting my image by saying these words , disrespecting girls etc.

I wasn't always this let me take you back when I had my first relationship , I loved her she cheated on me.

Phase 1

First relationship spoiled my 12th board results , started drinking.

Second relationship, a typical sardarni girl she cheated on me and made me a animal. I didn't knew how to survive , I loved her alot!

And then there was the turn of events , A man changed into an animal abused her , spoiled rumours and then started dating many girls just for fun and sex.

And now you can continue reading from phase 2!

Phase 3

4 years later

I have 2-3 friends to talk , my batchmates don't talk to me nor do I as they see me as a bad boy who doesn't respects girls just uses them! I have nobody to talk. So I just travel alone , make enough money to roam around but back when I come home every night or some nights at hotels when I'm alone and not drunk I feel lonely. I don't want to be single but everyone knows how bad I am! It's like a fire spread all around the city.

So what do I do ?

I pay tinder and change my location to Delhi, Mumbai or Kolkata I do get some response but still I drink and I can't control my anger . I don't know what made me so my breakups or alcohol!

I search girls on olx posting ad , pay them in advance on paytm so that they can just talk to me and maybe I can get a good friend.

Would love if someone could help me out with some solutions.

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