What is the best way to increase concentration for study?
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Here are some ways to increase concentration for study 

First of all set your goal you want to achieve.

At night before sleeping think about how much are you giving to your goal. If you are satisfied then you are at right path , but if you are not satisfied then you must manage your time .

Wake up early and do some yoga and meditation.

Time management is very important to concentrate on study.

Revise the lessons you have learnt .This is an important thing you must not miss if you want to concentrate on study. Because after revision your confidence will increase and you can focus on your study.
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well first of all try to stay away from your distraction...  you can do yoga or meditation to calm down. this will definitely help in boosting your concentration. try to take a walk in open nature. this also helps in relaxation.

while studying put your mobile phone away and try to study in separate room. this will definitely help your concentration level.

at last take a good night sleep of atleast 6 hours.. thats it. the next you will not feel sleepy and distractted 
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The first and foremost thing is to be calm, peaceful and beatific. Along with that, exercise daily and do Yoga. Sleep on time and wake up early in the morning. Make sure you have an 8 hour sleep. Try meditation and constantly think about your goals. When you cannot calm yourself down, listen to silent music. 
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