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This question bothers me a lot. Especially around here in Africa, it is common mentality that girls should be left to do everything at home with Little assistance. It is an idea that boys shouldn't be doing any chores to help out. Do you think so or otherwise ?

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I think if this was the 1800s this might be considered a true statement. it hasn't been that way for centuries and this backward way of thinking should actually be changed. When I grew up the chors in the house were split equally between my brothers and sister. We were all taught how to clean, wash dishes, clean clothes, and do what was necessary to keep a home clean. We even split the yard work and the chors outside.

When a boy grows up not understanding how to even cook for himself, do dishes, or even clean his clothes he will be very lost when he gets an apartment of his own or goes off to school and lives in the dorms. Today life has changed and women are now working and bring in an income. Therefore, it is the responsibility of all members of a household to pitch in and help out.

It is no longer possible for a woman to stay and home and take care of the house and children while the man goes off to work to provide for the family. The cost of living has increased and it now takes two incomes to survive. A man should realize this and help around the home. He expects his wife to go to work and help him pay the bills, he should do the same for her.  
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Despite of this being a 21st century, its still the greatest issue affecting us as African ladies/girls. In fact I have a brother of mine whose really sunk in this tradition. He will prefer staying hungry or even leaving the house untidy even if am sick.

I realised that most of the married women who are forced into doing domestic activities are mostly house wives.That's why girl child education is  nowadays taken into serious consideration. On the other hand, men should also play the greatest role in stopping this unfair tradition. They should at least know what's expected of them especially if someone isn't feeling well.

Also, when women find caring husbands who can help them in these roles, they should at least show some appreciation. The best way they can show this is by respecting their husbands.
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Though it's inhumane to think so, but unfortunately, this is a very common practice which is not just confined to Africa. 

When the house is for all, then the chores in the house are for all as well. It has been a system for long that the male members will be the breadwinners, while the females will do the household activities. Now, though the time has changed, but that age old mentality is still hard to die. Ours is a male dominated society. Since the early stages of lives, boys are treated as the superior members of the family. Eventually, when they grow, they find it difficult to share household chores with their female counterparts. 

            However, things have changed to a large extent. Rather, now the role reversal is pretty rampant, especially in the urban households. 
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