What is live means to you and how old are you ?
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Life is God given through the breath that we breathe as explained in science the taking in of oxygen and exhaling carbondioxide(gaseous exchange). Life is previous and we should protect life by caring for our young ones, taking good care of ourselves through regular exercises, eating good food. God is the giver and taker of life. 
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Life is a beautiful gift given by God to us which we enjoy till our last breath. 
Sometimes the gift gives us pleasure and sometimes ruins the day, so its a mixed combination package
And i'm 24 years old 
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i am so happy to read this answer actually live is hard but you have to try hard too, thanks foryour answer.
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For me live means to always stand with your family, freinds and with your love in their happines, bad time because it is a god word that what you give to others you also got that only so always try to give happiness to others and enjoy your life.
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Life means to enjoy every day and every moment of your life. Thank you god every day for everything we have today and in future. Trust yourself, value yourself and trust that everything is good in your life. Life is a beautiful journey where you learn so much and learn to overcome any obstacles in your life. Life is all about living the dreams.
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