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It is hundred percent safe to be in a car while it is raining and there is lightening or thunder strike. As long is there is insulator in form of metal that would direct the thunder storm charged particles to the ground. 
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Yes of course, lightening will not hit you while you are in the car.
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Wouldn't know for sure but i guess it would be safe, so long as it is not under a tree or near electricity lines that would be disastrous.

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Yes it is completely safe as the rubber from the tires isolate the lightening.  You will be safe as long as all doors and windows are completely shut. Make sure you do not have anything hanging out of the car, or even any issues on the glasses, such as cracks, otherwise you will not really be safe.

Even though you should be safe from lightening, beware of flooding areas. Also avoid parking or being near trees or parks, as they attack lightening.

The same idea is valid when you are showering, for example. If you are wearing rubber flip flops and lightening strikes your house, you will be isolated from the power (as long as you are not touching anything else.)
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Yes its safe. This is because the the metal frame in the car will direct lightning currents to the ground and neutralise them making you safe. Lots of people tend to think that the rubber tire is the one that makes you safe inside a car since it acts like a good insulator but this is false. What matters is the metal on top of the four tires.

Actually, and that's way its advisable whenever there's lightning, you should ensure all the car windows are closed otherwise, you'll complete the circuit and this may lead you to death.

Whenever there's lightning, the best thing to do is take your car aside but not in a open field then turn off all the car engine and don't touch an metallic appliances until lightning is over. Being inside a car does guarantee you 100% safety vehicles can be strike as well and that's why you should not touch any metal inside the car.
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I had seen some videos that the lightening strikes on one car. It starts to explode. The car is in the middle of a field. I haven't seen a car that was strike by a lightning in a busy streets or cities. I think the lighting strikes anywhere and it is so frightening. That is why everyone image to be inside their home or a building. The lighting could strike anywhere.

There was a video that the lightning strikes a car that was moving. It was all sudden and the lightning even left a crater in the ground. The passenger of the car said it was difficult to breathe inside.  The two passenger knows that will die in a moment. They know they will not come out of the car alive, but then there is someone who rescued them. If you watch the video it is really impossible to survive the blast but then to their surprise they just celebrate their 47 year anniversary.  Too good that there are people who saved them. Lightning strikes anywhere, but it does not strike the same place twice as they said.

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Oh wow, maybe because it is near the electric post that is why it was attracted to it.
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It may be safe to say in a car while lightening or thunder strikes is throwing tantrums probably because the car insulator is working perfectly fine but it's not safe nor advisable to drive when it's raining with lightening or thunder strikes taking place. The reason for this is that when it's raining, the road becomes too wet and slippery which causes accidents to happen easily because the car tyres would lose its footing too easily and brakes wouldn't work well 100 percent. Also, the vision of the car driver is hampered by the rain thereby making it impossible to have a good look on the road he or she is driving on and this is very risky. Coming to the part of thunder and lighting, even though it may not strike the car, it can strike other things that might fall onto the road and cause accidents. So, it's not entirely safe.
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