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What does it mean if your blog or website has too many google backlinks? How will it affect the SEO? I am not asking about normal backlinks, but the term google backlinks shown in certain SEO stats checking sites. Need an expert answer. See the image below


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SEO is always about building backlinks to your site. However, when people look at link building they overlook the simplest backlinks they can get for their website. This is an excellent backlinking tactic and one that is so easy to do. Here is how you can get your Google Backlinks on your website:

  1. First off, take a look at how many services Google actually has outside their search engine. 
  2. Google spent a lot of time and money acquiring the website, so why not use these websites from Google for your backlinks.
  3. google has My Account, Search, Google +, YouTube, Maps, News, Mail, Calendar, Drive, AdWords, Photos, Translate, Docs, Sheets, Slides, and MyBusiness. 
  4. Get started with backlinks from YouTube. This one is simple, create a YouTube channel and upload one or two videos to the site. Now backlink the videos to your website. Each new video you add, backlink it to your website.
  5. You should join Google+ and upload some articles or content to your account. Each upload should link back to your website so the person can find the original content.
  6. Craft a free business listing on Google My Business. This will add your business to Google Maps and will also link back to your website. This type of Google backlink is extremely important for your website. 
  7. Google News is another way to get more backlinks to your site. You'll need to know the art of new jacking in order to get the links on your site. This isn't illegal and a simple tactic to earn more backlinks on your site. 
  8. Google acquired Blogger back in 2003. Work with people on there to backlink to your site. Aim for the higher quality posts that you want to backlink to your website. 
OK, I think you get my point here. google backlinks are all links to your site that are from Google acquired accounts. The more you link back to your site from these different accounts, the more Google Backlinks you'll have. You just need to do your own SEO work and determine what you want to target and what you want to link back to your site. 
The reason they are called Google Backlinks is that the links are coming from different Google sites. 
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