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A pain in the shoulders is oftenly accompanied by a very sharp shooting pain in the upper part of the back.Some of its causes include, overusing of the muscles, signs of cancer like lung and liver cancer which spread to the bones, galls stones among other causes.

Some of its symptoms may include, short breathe, chest pain and coughing. If the condition is left untreated, it may lead to severe conditions. Also, you can apply home remedies like eating a well balanced diet accompanied with lots of fruits and vegetables, exercising indoors for instance stretching and finding a massage therapist to work on your shoulders areas.

In case your condition is serious then a surgery should be considered to repair the tendon in the shoulder areas.
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My father had a sharp pain between the shoulder blades just before he died. It turned out he had a blood clot which eventually went to his heart and killed him. He was in his 70s and had high cholesterol which probably contributed to his death. He had it for some time before he consulted a doctor.

Even though it can often be something far less serious it should always be checked out just in case it is something that needs urgent medical attention. It's never worth neglecting an unusual pain even though it is normally something minor. I can't help thinking my father may have lived much longer had he seen a doctor when he first experienced the pain.
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There are lots of reason why we have pain in our shoulder blades. The first reason is wrong posture, not only in standing position but even when you are sleeping. If you are slouch when you are sitting, it could be a reason too. The pain will starts on shoulder blades through your back. Also, if you lift something heavy and you are in the wrong position, you will get a strain in your shoulder blades, depending on the heaviness of the item you lift. Same goes when you are exercising. If you are doing cardio exercise for longer time and you do weight lifting that is too heavy for your size, you will experience an intense pain on your shoulder blades. Too much sitting or computer activity that requires you to sit for longer hours could be a reason too. If you have scoliosis, your shoulder blades are always in pain.
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