Best Solar Panels Cleaning Services in California
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Yes, deposit of dust on solar panels reduces the efficiency and performance ratio. Bird dropping, dust, pollution can all reduce solar panel efficiency. Leaving your panel dirty will reduce solar output and thus increase your solar payback period. You might need to clean more often if you are located in an arid region or near a pollution source or if your panels are mounted flat.

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Just like computers, the dust settling on solar panels decreases its efficiency and in turn brings along high cost of maintenance. In many cases it doesn't function properly after having dust on it. 
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Yes In Solar system dust reduce the capacity of production. Solar system surface will be clear and clarity. Then only Sun rays fall on that and produced Power instantly. So make sure be clean Solar surface and get pure power from that.
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Effect of dust on solar PV panel. ... As the mass of dust deposition increases, power output and the efficiency of the module decrease, and as the size becomes smaller, power output decreases as smaller particles block more radiation on PV module surface.
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As the figure shows, the PV output power is dependent on solar irradiance and cell temperature. Low irradiance leads to low power, and high temperature causes a reduction in output power.
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Yes,because any deposit of dust would prevent the sunlight to go through the panel and thus thereby reduces efficiency.Regular cleaning of solar is required.

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