My exams are near and i need to grasp a lot of content, but I am unable to study more than 4 hours a day so is there anyone who could tell me how to study 12 hours straight in a day ?
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Lemme give you a trick, but this can be applied only if u r able to write the content by ur own imagination provided u have lil' knowledge about content. So the trick is u only have to know about the content like read heading specifically and know about topic lil' bit and in exam write ur ideas instead of cooked material 

Trust me this will save ur time and work well and u'll also cover whole syllabus 
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You never used your time well to study and only want to revise and grasp everything. It can't be possible to learn everything at a go and moreso under pressure. You can draft a timetable and spend around 1 hour for every subject have breaks in between. Start with the concepts that you know digging down to the unknown. Cramming won't help and it will only waste and tear you down. Also stay composed and keep calm. Afterall the exam is about the things you studied no need to panic. 
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If you want to study 12 hours, I would rather breaking up your time and actually being motivated to make time.for example make a timetable for yourself put studying before anything else I hope this helps and good luck remember make time for studying 
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about studding for 12 hours it is totally impossible and if you do that you could not enjoy and with that you never can memorize all like that it means no eating and no resting having resting if is so important 
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this was my idea the important thing was resting 45 minute once and i have been wrote for you above that 
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Estudar é muito bom, mas deve ser uma arte que prática-se com calma e eficiência. Estudar horas e horas pode te prejudicar, você precisa ter um tempo para relaxar a mente. Porque se só estudar não só pode afetar a sua mente como o seu aprendizado no estudo. 

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Well studying for 12 hiurs in a row is not a good idea.. as we are human not computers.

try 4 sittings of 3 hours each and do not forget to take rest between 2 sittings of at least 1 hour...

and also... try to wake up early in the morning as this would provide you some extra time. 

 and beleive in your self.

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I will suggest you to take 10-15 minutes after some specific intervals and try to create a environment which brings you out of comfortable zone.
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It's not possible to study continuously 12 hours in a day. If we study continuously 12 hours we are going to clumsy to understand the content in what we are studying
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When you are preparing for any civil services examination or very high level examination then only you have to study for for 12 to 15 hours a day and for this you have to make some very strict schedule for this like--

* You have to make goal what you want to do in your life.

* You have to forget every thing which gives comfort to you for 3 to 4 months.

* Tell this things only to them who will really understand you and your work not with everyone.

* Make a daily report of your work done and measure your performance each day. 
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If you are seeking for answer then it shows you are concerned for study. See what, when you ask this to any geek people they all end up by saying they love to study. So this is what you also should do. But you are not geek otherwise you wouldn't be here asking this. So, what you can do is to follow some steps that written below:

  1. Find reasons why to study: As like earning money, knowledge, respect etc. Let me quote “ if you don't study now, you will be working hard in future” either in this time or later you have to work. So why not now therefore you wouldn't need to work hard in future.
  2. Have a daily routine: Without this you can't even last long for 1 hour. But what I am observing now a days is students write on wall a hectic routine but can't able to implement. So make it simple so that you can execute. You don't need to write on wall/paper. Just before sleeping in night or after waking in morning make daily routine in your own mind. That's what I do..
  3. Have a fun gap time in your study: You can't study non stop 12 hours. Even if you can then it won't be helpful. Research shows after every 90 minutes of full concentration mind starts loosing it focus. So give 10 minutes break after each one and half hours.

I believe only above three are more than enough to devote yourself in that big and tough journey of 12 hours study. But let me remind you, you shouldn't be thinking that's a tough journey. Take it easy have fun with study then after you can do it… But don't forget “ Quality matters Quantity not”. So it's ok if someday can't put 12 hours. In that day just study smartly that looks like you have completed your 12 hours challenge. Best wishes…

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