Is it okay to play games online for 12 hours, or is that just bad?
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No its not ok to play for 12 hours although its good to play for 1-2 hrs yet it out bad impacts on ur eyes and mentality. Its good to play outdoor games rather to play online,  as it will enhance ur skills and stamina
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about playing online games for 12 hours is totally bad and worst things that players  do that in summer actually many players do that if affect your yeses and you brain and your mood too
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this was my answer it is totally bad and i have been wrote for you above that comment 
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There are alot of effects of playing games for such long, none of which are good for ones health. While maintaining a good sleep of about 8hours is essential its worth noting that exercises are vital ones health aswell. Playing video games is much more of the menatl exercis than a physical one and going to such heights may be dangerous to ones health burn-outs are some other effects of sitting so long.
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es malo porque estas dañando tu celebro y capacidad para escuchar digamos música o algo fuerte también dañas tus ojos :Ángel:

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Yes, that might be  taking things a bit too far. A condition called deep vein thrombosis can  result from frequently sitting still for too long. One British gamer died of blood clots probably formed by thrombosis after he built a lifestyle of frequent, 12-hours gaming sessions.

Game addition problem can induce repetitive strain injuries, skin disorders or other health issues. 
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Não. Jogar jogos eletrônicos por horas pode causar muitos danos no seu corpo, pode afetar a visão, pode deixar você com ansiedade, depressão e outros problemas. 

Especialistas recomendam no máximo 2 horas ao dia se para jogar sem parar, se tiver pausas pode jogar 3/4 horas. Mas o mais correto é não abusar muito pois manter um padrão de poucas horas vai deixar a sua vida mais saudável.

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Well if you are talking about online games then probably its the worst idea.. 

but if we talk about sports whether outdoor or indoor it could be a good idea if its your hobby and you want to opt it for your profession. otherwise 12 hours of playing sport will not give you anything for establishing your good  future 
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Play is good and also important for our health. They say, work with no play makes Jack a dull boy. But also remember too much of something is poisonous and our bodies need rest. Hence you need to limit your play. 
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No it's not, playing games for 12 hours can cause a lot of health issues such as Brain damage, tiredness and saw eyes which is not good, it's recommend you play play videos games for no more then 2 hours per day and get as much as 8 to 7 hours of sleep everyday as well. 
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It is very Rick to play 12 hours for a day. It increases human body strength and conditioning. So it is better to play 2 or three hours only.
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  1. Once you grow 25–30+ your health will stagnate so much. But poor usage of body before this age also will affect your overall physical/mental health
  2. Your back and bones system will get worst with time which can results in very hard sicknesses
  3. Eyes will get sick and as consequence reduce in sigh which must be sucks

I would continue this list with 1000+ bullet-points of health issues you may get by playing games/sitting so much. It’s senseless, you should believe me, it’s very unhealthy, I’m working out 65% of my life and I’m getting issues, if I didn’t working out I would get much more, so please, take care of yourself, being healthy is OP and you will appreciate it only after you get sick and heal it, or if you understand it somehow before you got in troubles

9 hours is critical maximum of time you should be at PC

Resting each 30–60 minutes is crucial

Sitting in right position is SUPER crucial

Eating/drinking is insanely crucial

If you are smoker, you are ****** up, all issues are multiplied by x2

Cardio system is going to stagnate so much unless you will do 1–2 hours cardio workout each day

Dude, this sucks unless you will be very smart, so once again, take care of yourself.

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