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Some children are very difficult despite the fact they seem to come from a normal background. Is being loved and guided enough to keep a child on the straight and narrow?
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It all depends on your definition of "bad". For me bad isn't about being poor or rich, nice or cruel, it's about not having that balance in life, the lack of morality and understanding what lines to cross and not. If we are going to go by this definition of bad, then a large percentage of criminals absolutely come from bad homes. 

Nurturing we all know is one part of upkeep which helps in transitioning children into adults, not forgetting environment which is also key in bringing up a child. The afore definition of bad homes can play a key role in bringing up a child which might display some semblance of criminalities or even become a criminal. Its because he/she lacks the morals or probably thinks how its done in their bad homes is generally how its done on the outside. 

Putting aside my explanation of bad homes, the very little percentage of other criminals become so due to poverty, mental illness and other states that has nothing to do with morality. 
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I don't think so, because there are a lot of factors that may come in. Some individuals could get lost along their lives when influenced by harmful elements in the society. One may have been raised from a very religious family who inculcated moral values and ethics, but later on decides on his own to do something against the norms.
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Some of the of the children from humble background that turn out to be bad are are as a result of peer pressure. Perhaps this was because the person is feeble mind and not having strong will to resist negative friends influence. It has nothing to do with whether the child was properly raised or not.
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I don't think there's any amount of peer pressure that can turn a completely strong willed good person into a criminal, it makes no logical sense. There has to be a self motivating factor influencing the individual from the inside to go a long with it. Peer pressure just becomes what everyone sees on the outside and blames as a reason. 

He/she might come from a very religious home and well cultured one, but do you know what they lack. The absence of money can be a strong motivation into indulging in criminal activities for an easy way out. 

Also as I mentioned above, not everyone who talks and acts normal like every other person is sane. Some certain health or mental state of mind can be a driving factor too. During the course of my research on criminalities, I've come to realize that 90% of killers, serial killers to be more precise do so due to a certain mental breakdown which can not be seen on their outside personalities. Most of them were either born with it or got struck with it in an earlier incident. 

Another instance of mentally induced criminal behavior is "Kleptomania", people suffering from such do not even realize it but find theirselves unable to stop stealing. Such people can come from a perfect home. They are quiet a lot more. 
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sometimes criminals are not as bad as they are brought out to be. some of this people may have just found themselves in these kinds of positions without their knowledge. they may have been influenced by their peers, for something that they thought would do them good, but at the end they realize that they were duped into a certain situation so i don't think they are all bad. Or maybe situations at home forced them into it.

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Not all criminals come from a bad home or even poverty. Some are so well educated and they use this to their advantage. Take a look online at some of the scams and how people rip off others to gain millions of dollars on worthless programs and investments. These are well-educated people who have figured a way to get rich on the hard earned money of others with a promise to make them rich too.

Now you have your white collar crimes. People opening up an investment company and promising to make other rich. In the end, they run off with the money and everyone is left with nothing. These are crimes that are committed by well-educated men and women and they happen every day.

You have accountants that have figured ways to rip off companies and steal money from them when doing their books. So you see crime isn't always associated with poor, uneducated people. 

Then you have your low life crimes from people who grew up in poverty and joined gangs. These are the ones you hear about the most. Some of these people don't know any other way of life and they end up in prison or even killed on the streets.  
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Poverty and crime are closely related. Poverty can make someone do something they never intended to do like stealing for instance. Also, it depends with how someone was brought up by his parents.

According to what i have experienced, most of the criminals come from poor families. You might find that the home is very poor to the extent that they cannot even afford a single meal in a day. Since hunger cannot wait, this kid will be tempted to steal at least to satisfy his stomach. 

Another scenario is where the family is poor and cannot afford school fee for their kids.An idle mind is the devil's workshop. Since the kid is just idling at home, he'll try to find something to do and may end up doing unimaginable crimes like robbing people or even engage in drug trafficking.

Its a parents role to lead their kids to the correct paths in life despite of poverty condition in the family. Crime has its consequences which are even bitter. 
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For me, a child that is loved and guided by their parents, will always remember the love they had given to them. Everytime they will make a decision, they will always remember the advises of their parents and sometimes will base their decision on the learnings they had. It is good that when they make mistakes, they will not be making the same mistakes again. A person who has full of love in them will think twice before they do awful things. They will always think what will happen to their life and the life of their loved one as well. However, parents should be the one to guide, correct the mistakes and properly advise their children and not to spoil them with everything that they wanted. On the other hand, doing a crime always comes out with a decision and sometimes strong emotions to do bad things.

Does a criminal comes from a bad home, the answer is No. It is always the person decision if they want to be a good or bad person.
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Criminals are not born they are made. When parents bore children they waish or desire for them to grow up responsible and God fearing. There is no parent who wishes to have a wayward child. There are many reasons why kids turn to crime, not because they were bad kids, or because they were not raised properly by their parents, its just that as they grow they will mix up with people of all sorts. You will find people blaming parents for not being there for their children, not spending time with them, others will sag they were not taught good morals that's why they turned to crime, others will say the children are spoilt brats they used to get everything they asked for but now that the parents are not rich anymore they have to go out and find whatever they want in whatever way. But really when all is said and done it's the society, the lifestyles we live, and the community. Long time ago the child belonged to the community in the African context, as in everybody watched over all the children around them. If a child was caught misbehaving he was disciplined by whoever caught him or her then the matter is taken to the parents that's why crime was limited back then. Its not like now where kids do what they want no one is really there to caution them when the parents are not around.

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