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is it okay to substitute butter with oils while baking? 
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You can use cooking oils to bake instead of butter. There are some recipes especially that call for the use of oils. While baking, the quality and texture of the ingredients you use determines the final taste. If you are looking for a finer, softer mixture, you need to evaluate the ingredients. 

The use of butter or oil have different outcomes when you bake cakes. Oils are completely lipids while butter is fat from milk and contains liquid derivatives of milk. Only about 80% of butter is fat, the rest is a composition of moisture whereas oils do not contain any moisture. 

If you want your cake to be more firm at room and colder temperatures, you can use butter. It will solidify because of the moisture content. When you use oils, you'll have a much more softer cake that will not be completely firm. So if you only have oils and you need you cake to come out firm. You can adjust your oil quantity by doing about 80% oil and the rest 20% can be milk, egg or something with moisture. 
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Yes there are some recipes that you can use to bake cakes instead of using butter. Like carrot cake does'nt need butter, you only use vegetable fats and eggs and the cake is very tasty. If i had a choice i would use all my cake recipes with vegetable oil than butter.
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Definitely you can substitute butter to oil when baking. There are numerous option for substitution when baking. I bake most of the time and I always look for healthier option baking cakes and cupcakes. I even used coconut oil for added healthy snack to my baking. It will give you different texture and slightly different taste, but I promise its more even tastier. Do not hold your self in terms of baking. You can be flexible in baking except some other recipes that will call for exact recipe.
I always open my recipe for any substitution, suing oil instead of butter will give your your cake a soft texture, unlike butter it will becomes hard in a long run. Using different oil in baking is up to you, you must try coconut oil too as its more healthy.
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There are some recipes for butter cakes that it is not possible to replace the butter with cooking oil. If you buy boxed cake recipes most of them will ask you to add oil to the batter when you are making it. You will have to determine what recipe you are using before you change the ingredients of the recipe. 
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