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From where can I get protective german shepherd..??

When no one is at home and at that time I am too much worried about my home. I talk to mine neighbor, take care of the my house, but still worry about the house.At that time I think that if I were the keeper of the house then we would not worry..

So please help me to find best protective german shepherd.

Thank You in advance...

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The German Shepherd has a reputation as being a guard dog. This protective animal is known to protect his owner and family. They possess a love for their owner that you might not find with other breeds. They have a natural protective instinct that will leave you and your family feeling safer.I think you should visit here Its a really good place if you want protective german shepherd....

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A German Shepherd is a good working dog (such as guard dog, service dog, and police dog) because of their courage, intelligence, confidence, willingness to put their life on the line in defense of loved ones. They could bravely protect his owners and brilliantly finish the tasks, so it's advisable to raise a German shepherd. But I recommend you to raise a Shepherd from the puppy phase, so you are able to build a close relationship with it and train it to a working dog by yourself. However, it's better to find a dependable breeder or inquire a vet or ask the dog lover in the group near you. Of course, you could buy an adult German shepherd and do some obedience training. He will be gentle family pet and steadfast guardians.

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Actually, any type of dogs, that are big like German Shepherd, Labrador, Golden Retriever, St. Bernard, even bulldogs has the capacity to protect your home. These dogs are smarter than the regular one and they are totally loyal to their owner, despite some physical pain they sometimes felt and experience. They can detect something strange even when there are animals that not of their kind and some stranger will enter the house. They have the capacity to protect you from the harm that you will meet when you are with them.They could be train as well. When they are trained, surely they will be more smarter on how they will able to protect you. I hope you get one of these dogs because they can fight just to protect you and love you more than the special person you have.
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