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Do all people have wisdom tooth? I don't have wisdom tooth or maybe I have but it is not showing. I didn't experince having to remove some of my tooth and I am curious if this is normal. Anyone has the same experience?

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No not everyone has wisdom teeth. Some have all four although some may have none at all and others just a few.

Wisdom teeth are often a source of trouble to their owners. Speaking personally I had one grow in the roof of my mouth which had to be removed by incision before it came through completely and then stitched. I can remember it was an unpleasant experience and just one of many problems that can be associated with wisdom teeth.

They usually come in between the age of 17 - 25 so if you are past that age it is possible that you may not get them. I don't remember having my other wisdom teeth out so I guess those extractions were pretty uneventful.
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Oh Yes, dont worry conoletely normal. Some People have the wisdom teeth inside the gums and they never show up, sometimes they dont have them at all. We are supposed to have 4, but sometimes people have 1 or brother had 2 for example, they never showed up though, but he had them surgically removed. I had all four but only two popped up. I got them all removed só they would not damage the results i got from using braces. Só dont worry, everything is ok, some even say that wisdom teeth will disappear after a few years as a result of evolution though i cannot really say whether or not I believe in that :)

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Not everyone is born with wisdom teeth and some people have many issues with the one that doesn't come in. They stay impacted under the gum and need to be removed by surgery. When children are young now and have issues with their teeth, most orthodontists will ask the parents to have the wisdom teeth removed. This is better when they are correcting the problems in the mouth. It is so hard to have them removed later on in life and can cause a person great pain. 

I wasn't at home and working in another country when I had one of my wisdom teeth that started to bother me. I ended up at a dentist who was a complete idiot and decided because the tooth was down he would just pull it out. I have never had so much pain in my life. I returned home and visited my own dentist and had the other three removed by surgery. I was up and gong the same day and had no issues at all.

If you don't have any wisdom teeth consider yourself lucky. They are not really needed and I don't know anyone who has them. Everyone ends up getting them removed some time in their life. 

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