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Number plates serves as the means by which vehicles are identified and that is most importantly for security reasons. In case of a car accident for example, a vehicle needs to be identified and the owner of the vehicle has to be identified this helps the police to take right legal action against or for the parties involved. 
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I think its required for vehicle identification and the best way to track the details of the Owner in case of any Emergency.

Example : if any vehicle owner breaks traffic rules in that case jurisdiction can track owner details and take required action.
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Because our government doesn't know how to budget, so they use unconstitutional taxes to steal money from us to make up for bad management
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Vehicles number plate is very important for our vehicles because--

* Every person has its identity like adhar card, voter id card, passport, visa etc, in this way vehicles have their identity in the form number plates.

* Number plates are very useful for our vehicles because when we lost our vehicle due to any reason then its number plate helps police to search our vehicle without number plates it is impossible to search out our vehicles because there is too many vehicles are running on the road which have same color, same model and of same company so it is very necessary to have a number plate for our vehicle. 
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