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Where do I get new movies to start a new movie download site?

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If you want a popular download site you can find movies in the public domain to add to your site. These movies are free to use on any website and can be downloaded for free. This is a good way to get the films you're looking for to add to your download site. 

Most sites that offer free movies online are sites that allow you to stream movies in your home. They have contacts with movie producers and charge a fee for people who use the services.

Other than this there is an illegal download site that people will purchase the films on BlueRay and rip the films using a ripper. They upload these files to the site and let people download them. Yes, the person legally owns the film in his collections, but he doesn't really have the right to rip the film and offer it to the public for free. 

In order to be within the law and not have issues, your best bet is to only offer Public Domain movies for free download and work with some other companies that produce movies to get the rights to offer these on your site. You'll have to charge a monthly fee for the downloads, but in the end, you'll earn and so will the movie companies. You won't have issues or end up in jail. 
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You have to watch out for movie piracy. If you plan on distributing movies the right way (not offering these download or stream websites that offer movies for free or even for little cash). 

If you want to be like Netflix or something of the sort working legally you will have to get in touch with movie distributors so you can check distribution costs (doing it without doing so will be piracy, punished by Law). You will also need a good team of web designers and good storage to keep all the data safe and working on reliable servers.

Overall doing it the legal way will cost you tons of money, but well you can be the next Netflix out there.
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To start a site for downloading movie,you have to be careful about the rules and laws guiding that so as to avoid breaking  copyright laws.

You can try by uploading movies from your devices to your sites.Get movies CDs plate and upload them.It will be even better than trying to get them from sites online.Google index mostly sites with the first original content and you might be taking advantage of it.

You can get to other movie sites  like Iroko Tv or Netflixlix to  download movies and upload it to your site,this is the simplest way to have as many movies as possible on your site.But do more of uploading yours.In the long run you would enjoy better when you have put an ad network like Google AdSense as a means of monetizing the site.

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