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No matter what type of a website, blog or even a Q&A site you have online the SEO is the same for all. Even if you start a forum online you still need to use the best SEO tactics for your site. Here is what all online sites need to do:

  1. Make your site search engine friendly, This means to make it where people can easily find what they are looking for. Using tags and categories on a site helps a site visitor find what they are looking for. Your site should also have a search function so people can find things easily.
  2. If you are using advertisement on your site or even Google Adsense make sure that you follow the rules completely. There are some pages on a site that you can't post Google Adsense on. You'll need to know these rules if you have a forum for a Q&A site. These rules are a bit different than owning a website or blog.
  3. If you use external links it is best to embed them in the text. Just make sure the links that you embed in the text are relevant to the answer or the article. Don't link to crap otherwise, you'll have issues with search engines. 
  4. Always make sure that what you post on the site will help a person out. People hate wasting their time. Furthermore, always make sure that you are posting content without spelling or grammar errors. This looks bad for you and people want to read something they can understand.
  5. Backlinking from other sites or even from Google is an excellent way to get a good rank with search engines. 
  6. Promote your site with social media and use good backlinks back to your site. 
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