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I think it will not be expensive if you print it with you own printer. Most professional printers will ask for an expensive payment for the work you would have done alone for a lesser amount. 

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I would defiantly say this is a major loss for sure. The price of paper and ink alone is more expensive than you can gain on the sales of a book. Furthermore, you'll need a high-quality printer that can actually do a decent job of printing your books. The problems with formatting and binding is another issue that you haven't even tried to explore. Printing a high-quality cover for the book isn't easy on standard printers these days. 

I needed to print out a lot of cards for a wedding I was helping my friend get ready for. She purchased the color and black ink cartridges for the job and we were able to print out 120 pages on a set of cartridges. I'm not sure the cost where you live, but here we paid $85 for the two ink cartridges.

In the end, the cartridges that she purchased could be refilled. I had purchased a refill kit some time back and decided to refill the cartridges instead of buying new ones. This really saved on the price of buying new cartridges. Furthermore, I found out when I refilled the cartridges I was able to print over 200 sheets on the refilled cartridges and on the new one I could only get 120 sheets before the cartridge was empty. So you see to buy new cartridges is expensive and you can't print out that much before you need to change or refill the cartridge.
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I mean if it is a small book and it is for your personal use it might be ok, but if it is something bigger than 100 pages than you might as well just find a place to make the copies for you cause the money you will spend on your ink cartridge will be more expensive than the money at the copy shop.

I have experience as I did copy most of the materials I needed as a teacher or as a student for a great part of my life and sending money with ink or toners is way more expensive than actually going to q copy parlour and getting the copies done, plus it is less hassle, since you will have someone else do the copies for you. You will also save on power, as printers do use energy to print. You will also guarantee your printer extra lifetime.
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Contrary to what others may think on this subject, printing a single book on your personal home printer will be beneficial than sorting the services of professional printers. Every problem solving depends mostly on the situation.

Am assuming you're referring to a single book, maybe a story line book and probably a prototype, but definitely not a text book, my conclusion lies with the earlier.

It won't require an out of the box expense and resource to achieve this goal. One pack of A4 paper and a single cartridge of ink is way morethan enough to do the job. I've done the same morethan a few times. If you're an experienced writer who sends out manuscripts of work done for certain possible considerations every now and then, you'd agree with me. This is because printing a single book, even if it's just a prototype tends to deep much further into your wallet. In case you didn't know, it's a bit difficult to find printing services that will accept an order with just a few work of prints, talk less of a single book. And even if you're lucky to find one, proffessional printers go by a universal strategy, the more copies, the lesser the cost.

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