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If its running windows 10 there is no need to panic actually, just have a windows 10 installation disc or flash drive from a friend or maybe try installing one from Microsoft's website. Once that is done you can thus, insert and then reboot your PC, this boots straight into recovery, the follow up steps are friendly unless otherwise then using an expert would actually make the work easier for you.
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The starting problems issues in PCs is common in every PC you can solve this by doing some small work--

* Tap the start button only 1 time if it is taking time then wait for two to three minutes then again press it and try to restart.

* Many times starting problems of PCs are solved by rebooting the system.

* When the system get open immediately refresh the system for five to six times so next time it will not hang or take too much time in open.
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starting problem solutions 

remove  files in recycle bin, use genuine antivirus and cc cleaner.w

whilebooting the system trust f12 or delete button which can open settings. In settings change the booting time,

Increase your Ram capacity is possible
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  1. Check if your OS I corrupt by using your HDD on another PC (if it is possible). Also check if you can access your BIOS by pressing DEL or F2. If not then get a new OS.
  2. Check if your PSU is providing the correct power to your MOBO and CPU. I'd recommend you to get any PSU rated Gold for better power management.
  3. Check the Thermal Paste. Maybe it is time to replace it. Reapply the thermal paste with caution ( if you are not used to doing that). If it is not done properly, it might cause severe damage to the CPU.
  4. Check the RAM. Pull out the RAM and clean the pins safely. Reinsert the RAM properly (makes a click sound) and then reboot your PC.
  5. Check if there is any problem with the MOBO. Consult a professional when trying to figure out the problem.

P.S. : Remove any power connections to the CPU and don't forget to GROUND it before you use your hands to remove any components. Be cautious as it might cause fatal damage to both the person as well the component is misheld.

Thanks. Hope you found this helpful.

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