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So the deadline to get credit for research pass, so I am just looking into volunteering into research for CS in a lab. What is the proper way to email professors and ask them to let me volunteer in their labs? I just want to point out that my GPA is a 2.66 right now, so not the best.

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Are professors really responsible for labs? I think the right persons to confront are the lab technicians. Anyway, the thing here is, if you have to email them, then make it official, start with "Hello" then go straight to the point.No need of going through shortcuts.

After a period of time and they don't reply, then go straight to the location and ask whether they'll accept you. Actually, it is going to present yourself to the institution rather than sending emails.
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answered by VISIONARY (9,003 points) 6 10 19
I think you should just go ahead and have a personal discussions with the professors maybe 2-3 of them to sort their opinions fsce to face than using an email.
I think this kind of issue might need you meeting them physically but if you still insist on getting to them through an email then you can make it a semi informal letter. Well, from my little knowledge of a issue like this I don't think you should make it too official, the tone of your mail should be friendly but in a more firm manner.
You might also want them to know why you need to do the voluntary CS research and write it as politely as possible, I don't know if you would loved to attached your result as an evidence to show you really need the resesrh for an upgrade but if you ask me I think you should.

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