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No, the Cold War is not still going on today. The Cold War officially ended with the fall of the Soviet Union on December 25, 1991. However, for all intensive purposes, the Cold War came to an end with the fall of the Berlin Wall in October 1989.

During the previous 40 years, there was a global stalemate between the Democratic West (United States and Nato), and the Communist Eastern Bloc (Soviet Union and Eastern Europe).

The global threats posed by communism declined after the collapse of the Soviet Union. The country of Russia no longer has the global power that the USSR held for over 4 decades following WWII. The United States is now considered the only global Superpower - so there is no Cold War going on.
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The cold war was a time of political tension between the then soviet union and it's surrounding regions, and also between the united states and some of it's allied nations. Records has it that this tension began as a result of the united states foreign policy which was aimed at stopping the expansion of Soviets union states and rule of communism in eastern Europe. Hence, both parties supported and allied with different nations in war or at conflict against each other.

After the second world war and the temporary wartime alliance with Nazi Germans got splitted, the USSR and US became the two major world powers. The USSR began to take control over states on the eastern bloc, while the united states began the strategy of containment to challenge soviet power by extending military and financial aid to countries of western Europe. Situations like the fall of the Berlin war and Cuban missile crisis were the center piece of the cold war. You can say that both parties were at each others throat. And though both parties never engaged in a full scale armed combat, they were fully armed in preparation for a possible nuclear war. It took a lot of talks and and an unconventional means to end the cold war during the presidency of John F. Kennedy.

Drawing from all said above, you'd agree with me that the whole pattern is happening all over again. We are beginning to see more tension arising with the Russians and other world powers. The united states and it's allies as well as NATO supports certain countries and groups which the Russians do not favor, or rahter support the rival faction. I guess we can say it's happening all over again. The ongoing issue with North Korea is more than an example of the ongoing cold war today.
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To be sincere with you, I think that the Cold War is not that evident in the world that we are living in at the moment, but there is something which is important and that is the fact that you can't rule out the alterations that always happen between big nations of the world.

Take for instance, it is not easy for people to stay cool in an environment where they are oppressed and they won't talk especially when it has got to do with those that are staying in other countries. The thing is that their country leaders will always react in a way or another and this will always bring issues. Take for instance, when the country of North Korea were having some kind of disagreements with the president of USA, Donald Trump. They had a lot of quarrels but it didn't get worse at the end.

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