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If I'm going to be invisible for a day, I would rather stalk my boyfriend, I will follow him wherever he goes so that I'll know whether he's cheating or not, kinda weird but that's what I want.lol
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Angels are invisible.  The Bible calls them "ministering spirits".  If I were invisible, I would probably do what the angels do.  Minister to people and help them, not expecting any thanks or praise, since they don't even know that they're being looked after and cared for.


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Wow! This would be the most joyous day of my life. I would cease the rare opportunity to travel round the world. If i become invisible for just a day, i would find way into the airport and board a plane traveling out of the country. And i would ensure that the destination of the plane is where i have always wanted to go. When i get there I'd have a good sightseeing of every part of the country and relish every bit of it before journey back to my own country before i would become visible again.

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I would walk naked everywhere haha kidding, jokes aside I would go free and enter places I was not allowed to go such as other offices, Just to watch people work, I would also just take buses and stuff all over the place and watch classes in universities in different subjects that different from my field of work. I would travel abroad, watch movies in the theatre without a ticket Just go on freely anywhere and everywhere all over the place since I would have so much freedom to do whatever I wanted, but of course respecting People and the Law anywhere that aí would go, regardless of being invisible or not.
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I wouldn't love to imagine myself in such a situation especially after watching the invisible sisters. Being invisible means that no one can see you but you can see other people.

What I will do if miracles happen and I become invisible, first is revenge.Lots of people have been hurting me mercilessly and they went unpunished. I'll take revenge in a way they'll never forget like stealing their things and hiding them in a place where they'll never get. Also, I will pinch them hard so that they feel that pain I usually feel.

I will make sure that I eat whatever I want like pizza which I usually eat once in a while. I'll just walk into a restaurant then disappear with whatever kind of meals that I want. Not only in restaurants but also in boutiques and supermarkets hoping that my invisibility will also make the goods invisible.
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Well, that is kind of a funny question but one that could work to your advantage if you were a thief. First, off I would try and right the wrongs that some people due to each other and cheat them out of their money. There are many people or companies out there that prey on the elderly and steal from them. They don't have a lot, but these companies figure out ways to get them to sign over their home or take out loans. In the end, they lose it all and are forced out on the streets. I'd figure a way to get back at these company, destroy all their documents, and proof these people own them money. This way they would go bankrupt and the poor people they cheated would be able to continue to lie in their homes with a little bit of extra money.

I also don't like loan sharks or underground gambling parlours that rip people off. I would find a way to destroy them and give back the money to the families that really need it.

Finally, I would want to help people by getting rid of drug factories and dealers. I think cleaning up the streets would be a great way to stop all this. I know people are addicted, but if they couldn't get the drugs any longer they'd have no other choice but to clean up.

Last, I am totally against men beating on women and women being too scared to do anything about this. I'd stop this by showing a man that a woman is not his property to beat on and treat like trash.
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This is one of the most interesting things I like to hear. If I become invinsible for a day I would go and check my friends and family about what I saw them do in the day at different places. This am sure will give them a very big shock. They will wonder how I knew the things they had done that day. But i think they would not believe me in that case or may ask me to do it again for approval. Having the power and being able to control it is the best for having powers. These powers can be used to help other people who are in need in the community. Sometimes these powers can be dangerous when wrong people posses them.
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It would be interesting to see what people do when they are on their own and I bet that could be quite surprising because we are all different when we are just being ourselves and not having to put up a front for the outside world.

I would love to play a few pranks on people, maybe move things through the air by picking them up and putting them down somewhere else or snatching something out of a person's hand! It might be a bit scary for them though.

You could also get into various places without paying but I think in the end it would be a little lonely because if you tried to communicate with someone by speaking to or touching them they would be terrified. I wouldn't want to become isolated through it.
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If I will be invisible for a day, I want to just sleep all the day. My answer should be, finding the house of my crush and stay inside it without him knowing because I am invisible anyway, yet I realized, I am more tired and want to sleep more than doing it so I must stay at home and sleep. Or might as well go inside different cinema's to watch movies for free. Or inside a restaurant and pick the foods I love to eat because people will not see me anyway. However, the problem is that they will see a floating food munching by someone that is invisible, for sure it will create a commotion, lol. Or maybe, I will follow a public official and pickpockets their wallets to get some money and donate it secretly to a different organization that helps poor people and with illness, how about that? This gives me a lot of thinking and I never realized there are lots of valuable things to do when you are invisible.
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Oohh may God forgive me for this. But there are a couple of things that I would do for sure. First and foremost knowing where I stand right now financially I wouldn't hesitate to get myself rich with the monies that people are stealing from us the citizens from the government. I would make it so personal. Maybe you're asking why would I choose to rob isn't there anything else that I would rather do?

Honestly, there are so many things that I need to do right now and there are those that I would love to have but I can't because I do not have the finances. I would wait each time money is stolen, the minute its deposited into the bank account I transfer it into my account haha sounds very funny, at least no one is seeing me so it's all good. The next thing I would do is make sure my enemies of progress get it from me. Those that have done things intentionally to hurt me, those that have stolen from me, those that I lent money and refused to pay me back, those that humiliated me in the midst of visitors or in crowds, those that spoke ill of me even when I tried to be nice to them and so much more. I would really torment them in their sleep, while they are walking, studying, working, practically everything they do will be disrupted by me in one way or another. They will find obstructions in everything they try to do. their lives will be more of torment than living. The part I would really enjoy is slapping them, and talking to them, there is nothing as bad as hearing voices and you can't hear or see what is slapping you. This question is like therapy, just saying.
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I would first figureout the persons i think bad for me are really againt me or are in favour of me. If they are against me i will try to find out the reason and if its against the fact i surely take the revenge. And if they have just the wrong thought from my side i will try to clarify the situation. So i can see the reality of peaple around me and their thoughts about my existance around them. And hope this will work to enrich my existance around my people my world. The freedom to know about myself from the view point of other people would be great fun. I am even enjoing the thought of being invisible. 
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Being invisible is one of the things I always wanted and I still want that miracle to happen to me. I have always been introverted and had a low self-esteem and I wished nobody could see me on my worst days when I'm feeling bad and awful about myself. So being able to become invisible whenever I felt bad and didn't want anyone to see me would be a dream come true. I would also love to attend a social event and just see if I like it first, and if I don't like it I'm invisible and I can leave without having to explain anything and without any excuses, lol. Another thing I'd like to do is being able to see and hear other people talking about me, without them realizing I'm there. There are a lot of people that I feel are being fake towards me and I'd love to hear them talking about me freely without them fearing I'd hear anything.
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