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Diabetes is a disease that is dreaded by many, but it can be controlled if recognised earlier. Yes diabetes can cause anxiety and depression and other illnesses. This comes about when people really don't take care of themselves with the doctors orders. It is very likely that when someone is diagonised with diabetes that's when anxiety sets in. Many people start feeling incapacitated even before anything major happens to them. They start thinking about the treatments and that can be very draining. When you start thinking about that, depression sets in, making you feel hopeless. But i think depression comes in later when the diabetes has progressed on for a while. Some people end up loosing limbs from diabetes and when that happens it reduces their self esteem, their hope is stripped off because now they are thinking, i was able to do certain things for myself, now i have to rely on somebody else to do it for me. That is quite distorting, its discouraging, it feels like a part of you has been taken away not because you warranted it but because its just the nature of things in our lives. Shock also grips them when they find out that tey don't have a limb, some may survive that,  but some people don't recover from that shock and in a short time they pass on. Having people there by their side to encourage them is very vital. Following doctors orders can save us from certain illnesses don't take them for granted.
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Yes diabetes can help cause anxiety and deprrssion the same way anxiety and deprrssion can feed a person to have diabetes or even worsen their health state.

Diabetes will not be the sole cause of anxiety or deprrssion but can definitely worsen health scenarios for People.

Medication imbalance plus lack of proper treatment + stress and issues in life will definitely make life worse. Any condition that requires Constant expensive treatment can make people's lives living hell whether itvisifrom anxiety or even depression.

But there is always an exit and being too stressed only worsens the condition. 
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Yes both anxiety and depression are the main resulting effects from diabetes. Diabetic people become anxious over monitoring their glucose levels and maintaining the right weight. Whenever they realise they're prone to other disorders like heart and kidney diseases, they become more anxious. To stop anxiety, a diabetic person should exercise frequently, take the correct diet, avoid stress at all costs and avoid alcoholic drinks. Some of anxiety symptoms may include, rapid heart beat, panic and restlessness.

Depression for the diabetic persons is very risky and might lead to death in case a doctor is not consulted. Some of the symptoms for the diabetic persons include, insomnia, anxiety, loss of appetite and sadness. Treatment for the depression are same to anxiety as mentioned above (exercising, checking on your diet and avoid stress).
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I do believe that it causes depression and anxiety. People who do not fully understand diabetes will feel bad. Once they feel bad, they start worrying. Too much thinking and worrying can cause anxiety that leads to depression. You start to worry because there are lots of changes that you will apply to your life that you think you cannot afford to have but you need it. You start over thinking because you start to feel that having diabetes is a burden. Then the depression will came if you do have less support from your family and if you just feel bad you have illness. 

However, there are people surviving even if they have diabetes. The only thing they do is to make their blood sugar normal. They avoid foods that are bad, specifically foods with lots of sugar. They change their lifestyle. Anything that will cause their blood sugar to get high, they avoid it. They start to take care of themselves and that's it. They just pour themselves with knowledge on how to take care of themselves, and live normally even if they have it. It depends on people on how they will decide to take it negatively and positively. If they take it negatively, then surely anxiety will attack them that leads them to feeling depress.

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