Taking online surveys are risky?
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online surveys are one of the best sources to earn some income. but taking online surveys is not risky unless and until anyone shares their personal information. if any survey related to general issues then there will be no risk. 

the risk of taking surveys also depends on from which website you are doing the survey. so anyone has to check whether the website is legit or not and one should not provide any personal information then there will be no risk in taking online surveys.
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Thank you very much for the information. Somebody says surveys are risky 

yes, there are some survey sites that give the payment and there will be no risk in doing surveys.

some of the websites are:
Toluna influencers,
Inbox dollars.

hope this may help you.
 thanks a lot for your information.. I was scared and now it is cleat
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In my opinion it's not too risky to take online surveys but some websites provide surveys which are risky to take so always try to take surveys from genuine website like timebucks, swagbucks, lifespoint etc. 
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When one uses online surveys to earn money, there usually is no risk if you are using a reputable company that has a good history of paying out. 

Some good survey website or app you can join where you can earn money are:-

1. AttaPoll is a mobile-only survey app that will pay you for answering surveys.

2. Rakuten Insight survey - Here you can make money in your free time and can earn a extra income by doing simple surveys and get your payment in the Paytm account, Amazon, Flipkart gift cards.

3. Swagbucks is a platform where you can earn money by polls, surveys, downloading some apps, games and even you can save money with coupons, promo codes, sales and cashback when you shop for clothes, electronics, travel, groceries, gifts and homeware.

4. Roz Dhan is the app where you can earn money not only with surveys but with daily check in app, playing lucky spin, games, quizzes, downloading app and by doing simple task everyday.

5. Survey Time is another survey website where you can earn $1 for per survey instantly into your paypal account. What is best about this website that you can withdraw $1 instantly after completing your one survey.
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Taking online surveys is  not risky unless it requests from personal and confidential information. It's always advisable to check the genuinty of a website before embarking on carrying out the survey. 
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No. Taking surveys in India is very easy. We have already have so many surveys. Especially in India we have so much of political surveys.
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