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I don't think so, but it could cause for you to feel depress and lead to poor lifestyle because you tend to eat a lot, sleep late and will not exercise, and those can lead to having diabetes.

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Yes! Stress does cause diabetes especially the lifestyle-related type of diabetes (Type 2). The blood sugar level of a human is directly proportional to the functionality of the stress hormone known as cortisol. If one's sugar level is high the stress hormone will also be high because a stressed individual is mentally unstable, and this, in turn, affects his body's blood sugar level due to constant disturbances and uneasiness playing out on his mind. But if the blood sugar level is normal, the stress hormone will remain stable too.

The reason for this relationship is that the individual that is stressed would not bother to take care of his mental health to the point he is not even worried about going to check his blood sugar level in the hospital. Mind you he is overwhelmed by life problems and the only thing that could be on his mind is looking for ways to ease the stress which could be the use of alcohol or drugs.
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it could trigger a person to have diabetes because of the following reason. If we are stress, sometimes we rely on food because it becomes our stress reliever. It became our good companion in dealing with problems because we feel good after. Once we eat, we do not watch what we eat. Sometimes it could lead to more sugar, starch and we choose foods that are high in cholesterol. We do not watch our diet anymore because for us, we need to put on food to forget the stress and the pressure we are feeling. It can trigger a person to have diabetes for having a poor diet. Stress can even put as awake late at night because we are playing games or watching movies just to forget about our problem. Instead of sleeping 8 hours, we sleep late and we wake up late. This already a poor lifestyle, one of the reasons for a person to have diabetes, type 2.
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If we are in stress, we rely on food ?!!! Haha Lol 

Funny and ridiculous :)
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No, stress does not cause diabetes, but it can trigger things that cause diabetes (such as anxiety. That might make an individual eat more sweets for example.).

If you already have diabetes or are prone to it stress can make it worse, not directly causing it but improve your chances of having it. 

Also, some diabetes type 2 cases are genetically related só even if you are stress-free or not a big fan of sweets you will have it. Some People are even born with diabetes.

But when it comes down to a straight answer it would be no, only stress cannot cause you diabetes, as diabetes is related to many other different factors.
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