I don't know which website is most trusted to buy a domain of my choice.

Any answers
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GoDaddy - Largest domain name registrars

DomainRacer - Affordable Domain and web hosting services

SiteGround - The trusted Largest Domain Name Registrar, Hostinger, Hostgator, etc. 
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Best Domain Registrars to Buy a Domain Name

Choosing the right domain registrar saves you from possible future problems. It not only helps you protect your brand name but also makes it easy to move your website to a new host or service provider.

Based on the criteria we discussed earlier, these are the top domain registrars to buy your domain name from.

1. Domain.com

2. Bluehost

3. Network Solutions

4. HostGator

5. GoDaddy

6. Namecheap

7. DreamHost

8. BuyDomains

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the best website to buy a domain is GoDaddy because the offers it provides will be better when compared with other websites and the way they respond to their customers is at top-notch. GoDaddy is also user-friendly and it can clearly understand by anyone about how to start a website or blog. 

there is also another website called namecheap.com it also user friendly and provides the best offers.
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