is fixing or repairing gas detector safe?
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before fixing the regulator you have to check any smell of gas or any leakage through the nozzle which is at the top of the cylinder.
If smell is not there means you can fix the regulator.
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Regulator is a Main part of your LPG gas slender and if it is not working then you can change this. I think you should change your regulator after 5 years. If it is good then you can check this to your gas agency people they can help you. if your regulator is destroy in some years agency provide a original regulator in free of cost other wise you can buy from market the cost of a good regulator is around 300 Indian Rupees. also please regular check your cylinder pipes and stove.

Put out all flames, lights, incense sticks etc. Shut down the appliance and turn off the LPG regulator. Immediately put on the Safety Cap on the cylinder after the regulator is switched off. Keep all the windows and doors open to ensure ventilation.
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It was completely safe only when you know how to fix the regulator. because the basic steps that should follow when fixing a regulator are checking whether the regulator is off or not. next, check whether gas smelling is coming or not.

after picking out the regulator and plugging it into a new cylinder check whether it was perfectly locked or not. next, turn on the regulator and check whether the gas smell is coming or not. if any smell is not coming then it regulator is perfectly fixed. 

if the above steps are correctly followed then it will be completely safe.
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