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Infrared panels have the most efficient heating systems used in homes. Unlike the other electric heating systems which warm the surrounding air to warm the room, the infrared panels warm people and objects directly- transferring heat in straight lines from the heater to the object.
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Usually “best” turns out to be an individual’s weighted sum of a number of criteria. For heating systems, the criteria include

  1. Efficiency = heat to home interior / (heat to home interior + heat lost up the flue)
  2. Adequate vertical mixing of the air in the home.
  3. Adequate size for worst case heating load of the year - one very cold night makes a lasting impression on the owner
  4. Willingness to get as much information as needed before the purchase decision.
  5. Noise level - e.g. furnace circulating blower or radiant heating pump
  6. Installed cost
  7. Operating (fuel) cost
  8. Maintenance cost

These vary in importance depending on the person and the availability of the information that underlies each item. You have to weigh these and choose what is best for you.

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there are so many electric heating systems like electric radiators, electric panel heaters, infrared panels, and electric towel rails.

now in among all the above systems, the best one is infrared panels because it has the best potential in maintaining a home atmosphere. other electric heating systems transfer heat in the form of straight lines from the heater to whatever is there in front of it but the infrared panels will not produce any heat. 

so the best one is infrared panels.
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