Many people have anyone addiction like drink,weed, mastrubution,smoke so these are harmful to our body so how to control ourself to these addiction
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Quitting any addition is not easy you have to be determined and train your mind. Remember one thing in mind that nothing is impossible. 

Write down your goal every day. Remind your mind everyday that you can do it. 

Talk to your doctor about the options that are available to and appropriate for you.

Indulge your-self in some sports activities and make yourself busy at all the time.

Spend quality time with your family to overcome the addition.

Talk with some good friends or If you have bad company make new friends who are positive, who do not drink or smoke or who do not have any addition problem.

Love yourself enough to stop yourself from doing damage to your present and  future.

Change all your bad habit and replace it with new and good habit like meditation, yoga, eat healthy and balanced diet, drink juices, watch good movies and shows, watch news and sports, take 8 hours sleep daily, listen some good music everyday to get rid of any disappointment or depression.

Following these simple steps daily can really help you to control yourself from any addition.

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Try to work on something which makes your brain concentrate on it. Like puzzles and brain games .

Watch some interesting Web series on Netflix etc..

Stay focused on the work which you have to complete in time .

Try to make your schedule as busy as possible .
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We can control and recover our addiction by doing some simple things like--

* When our addiction disturb us we can control it by engage our mind in other works.

* By doing exercises and yoga asans in early morning etc.
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Addiction is dependent on triggers, those moments filled with uncontrollable, compulsive urges towards a substance or a behavior.

The key to breaking an addiction, and I mean breaking it, not avoiding it, is to understand and uncover the cause each time you are being triggered and then do the internal work to rid yourself of this trigger. This is the same for all dysfunctional behavior and disorder, unless there is a true mental cause and it’s not purely emotional.

The answers to each trigger can be found in differing levels of consciousness. Some are easy to find and concur and some are very deeply hidden within our subconscious. The reason they differ is greatly dependent upon the age the person was when the trauma happened.

What happens when we are triggered is we are reminded of a place and time when emotional pain or fear became trapped. As an example, someone may say something today that is upsetting and you head towards your addiction for comfort. Addiction is really just a method of coping which has been put in place at a time when we didn’t have the tools to understand how to cope healthier ways.

From my own personal experience what I’d advise first is to learn to be very kind to yourself. You are not damaged because you have an addiction. You are very simply a person who is living with trapped painful emotions that need to be cleared. This is a process, there is no instant fix, so when you first start to dissolve this it may seem like you are not making progress and get frustrated, don’t. You can learn to use triggers as your ally; they are actually the key to understanding and breaking your addiction. Below I’ve included an answer that explains a bit more about how triggers are created.

The second thing I’d recommend is to journal and write about how you are feeling. The key to finding the root of what’s triggering you is to find the exact moment you were triggered and then find out why what happened bothered you so much. The more you write and get things out of your head the more room you make to process and release. A trigger can be as simple as someone saying something that reminded you of a painful thing that was said to you as a child.

My example is very extreme. I’ve been my own personal case study on breaking addiction and finding mindfulness. But I did both and I’ve not been happier at any time in my life.

I’m in the process of creating more extensive material to help others understand all I’ve uncovered but until I get this finished I’m happy to chat if anyone has questions.

We all need healing, every last one of us. And we can all learn and grow all throughout our lives. It’s so much easier once you get rid of the emotional baggage!

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to control or recover from any addiction then one should follow the below steps:

1. be completely honest to him/herself.

2. should maintain a day plan in a such way that there should not be any leisure time to divert the mind's thoughts.

3. replicate the addicted ones with good things like for example if one addicted to a cigarette then use chocolate or anything instead of cigratte.

4. increase the capability of being strong.

5. the most important one is setting a goal in life and maintain concentration only on it.
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Figure out what “being in control” means to you. Do you feel like you are in control when you are able to walk away from situations that cause you stress without exploding or imploding? Are you hoping to feel more financially secure, having enough money in the bank to manage whatever surprise expenses come your way? Is your schedule the place where you want to feel like you are in charge, choosing your work schedule or being able to travel when and where you like? Decide what you need to have happen to feel like you are in control in your life.
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How do I stop being addicted? Be accountable to someone. Find a sponsor at your local rehab center or even a close friend or family member can help keep you in line. ... Exercise. ... Break the habit. ... Discover a new hobby. ... Love yourself. ... Write down the harmful effects your alcohol or drug addiction has.
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