Want to come across the latest mobile app development trends in 2017. Share the modish work you have done on your mobile apps.
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Just jotted down few of the trending application dev modules which are seeking market attention.

1. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Is Changing Web App Landscape

2. AR & VR Will Show Some Magic

3. Artificial Intelligence Is Real Now

4. Cloud-driven Mobile Apps Are on the Rise

5. Enterprise Apps & Micro-apps Will Advance Further

6. More Focus On Security In Apps

7. Wearable Devices Are Getting Attention

8. m-commerce Is Becoming A New Standard

9. IoT Will Be Much Bigger

10. Beacons & Location Based Services Are on the Rise

11. Swift Is Much Swifter Now

12. Hybrid app development

13. Ensuring security & Consumer Apps

14. Integrating the big data

15. Wearables and Drones
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