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Want to know if there are any home-made drinks to lose weight naturally. I would like to have a proven detox drink to stay healthy and trimmed. Any working fat cutter drink recipes out there?

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Here are the 3 proven natural fat burning drinks that you can make at your home easily.

1. Fennel seed powder mixed in water.
2. Ginger juice and lemon juice with water.
3. Honey, lemon juice and green tea leaves stirred in water.

Drink this weight loss drink for 2 months on empty stomach every morning. You can lose weight fast with this natural detox drink. These weight loss drinks have no side effects as they are 100% natural. Make it now instantly and feel the result in just four weeks.
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Apple Cider vinegar has proven to aid in weight loss ( and also digestion). However, consuming too much will make you vomit. Fenugreek is a vitamin supplement that has also proven weight loss. However, most homemade remedies are also proven ineffective (meaning, they simply just won't work).

You're best bet is the Slim Fast diet. Two shakes for breakfast and lunch, a light, healthy snack and then a healthy dinner. The results from Slim Fast happens within a week. I am on the Slim Fast diet and it has worked wonders.
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Drinking green tea twice a day 20 minutes after each meal will help you lose weight naturally. He will help you burn fat and speed up your metabolism.

Green tea is very economical, so I think it is the best natural remedy to lose weight.
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I have tried drinking pure lemon juice added to warm water at least 30 minutes before I eat my first meal of the day. No sugar, no honey, no additives at all. I have proven this to be effective as I have lost 10 pounds in 1 month. But if you're the acidic type of person, better consult first with your doctor to make sure this is safe for you. Hope this helps! =)
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In my opinion, using artificial methods to lose weight by taking medicine or doing surgical operations should be your last choice. if you've tried other methods and they all haven't done any good, then you might try to go for some pills to help you out. Why? Most pills and medicines have some side effects that will affect your health negatively in the long-term. Trying natural herbs, foods, or drinks would be much better in addition to following a diet plan and tracking your calories. I also don't need to mention the importance of exercising, it's key for the best weight loss progress in the shortest time. A good example of a green juice is Organifi, it's number one advantage over pills is that it consists of 100% natural ingredients that are quite healthy for your body. You might want to check this review if you're interested to know more about this green juice. 

Good luck!

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Yes, there is. Although this drink for weight loss is unpopular but it works perfectly well if consistent drinking of it is maintained. The benefit of this drink doesn't just stop at weight loss alone but also extends to the clearing of nasal passage, fatigue remedy, constipation problems, etc. The ingredients for this drink are as follows:




The following way is how the drink can be prepared;

Get a little quantity of raw ginger and garlic, and chop them into bits. Pour them into a kettle and add a mugful and half cup of water to it, and heat it in not less than 3 minutes. Turn it back into the mug cup. Cut a full lemon into half, and squeeze one of it into the hot drink. Drink it as it's hot before it gets cold. It should be done 3-4 times a week immediately after empting of one's bowel.

In conclusion, ensure to drink water through out the day instead of carbonated software drinks. If you keep to this practice for the next three months, you will be wowed with the progress you would achieve in your weight loss plans.

For effective and sustainable results, exercise should be incorporated into the whole weight loss regimen.
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There are drinks we can be drinking to lose weight or AIDS in weight loss but don't go depending on it and over indulge in food by taking in more calories. Forget the hype because I am writing from experience. These drinks can help to either suppress your hunger,speed up your metabolism or keep you full for a long time to prevent you from taking in more food or calories but in itself can't make one lose weight so don't be deceived.

You can make your lemon and warm water drink and take it first thing in the morning to help kick start your metabolism to help you burn calories all day.

Green tea is another good drink that can aid weight loss,you can take this twice or thrice daily.

Coffee: if you love caffeine drinks then you can take a cup or two of coffee daily.

Try to add a bit of exercise to your routine.

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