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Doing exercises will burn calories for sure. But how about a man or woman with abundant body fat? Do workouts help in losing all that huge fat accumulated in their body tissues? I wonder how many weeks or months it will take to burn such an amount of fat being that these persons are having daily calorie intakes too.

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Doing exercises are the best way to lose fat unlike pills with side effects. But doing anything may not be a good idea to get enough results. You should do the right exercise for getting the right results. A scientific method of losing fat can be found here. Another method of getting a Dynamic Six Pack Abs can be read here on this page. 
I found these 2 articles 3 months ago on defat.net and got a very well result. Not only I lose fat but I can see the thing what we call muscles on my abs! I think this article can help you in losing fat by doing the right exercises.
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Exercising is the best way to drop body fat as is proper dieting. However, for some people who are obese, exercising alone may not be enough. Obese people are often required to lose at least 50 pounds before gastric bypass surgery followed by an exercise and diet regimen that is prescribed by a doctor.

Furthermore, it is always best to consult a physician for proper dieting and exercise so you can meet the recommended needs.

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