Doing exercises will burn calories for sure. But how about a man or woman with abundant body fat? Do workouts help in losing all that huge fat accumulated in their body tissues? I wonder how many weeks or months it will take to burn such an amount of fat being that these persons are having daily calorie intakes too.
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When you use the phrase "abundant body fat", it sounds like a person who needs to consult a physician and perhaps work with a nutritionist to develop a diet and exercise plan.  But assuming it's not a serious weight problem, everybody knows that exercising helps burn fat and tone your muscles.  I used to exercise regularly when I was younger.  I felt fabulous!  My muscles were toned and I had a lot of energy.  I'm in my 60s now and my exercise is limited to walking.  But that's cool!  My granddaughter says I have a lot of energy for an old person.


I think if a person was obese he would have to be very careful about an exercise regime so as not to put too much strain on vital organs. I think he would need to consult a doctor before doing anything strenuous but gentle exercise like walking is good for most people. Weight loss is usually achieved by diet control and exercise.
Exercising without having to do things such as dieting is going to be a poor analysis of what is happening. You should always try to engage in something that is going to control the way that you eat as well. The thing is that it will help you to burn out those fats as easy as possible. 

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Doing exercises are the best way to lose fat unlike pills with side effects. But doing anything may not be a good idea to get enough results. You should do the right exercise for getting the right results. A scientific method of losing fat can be found here. Another method of getting a Dynamic Six Pack Abs can be read here on this page. 
I found these 2 articles 3 months ago on and got a very well result. Not only I lose fat but I can see the thing what we call muscles on my abs! I think this article can help you in losing fat by doing the right exercises.
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Exercising is the best way to drop body fat as is proper dieting. However, for some people who are obese, exercising alone may not be enough. Obese people are often required to lose at least 50 pounds before gastric bypass surgery followed by an exercise and diet regimen that is prescribed by a doctor.

Furthermore, it is always best to consult a physician for proper dieting and exercise so you can meet the recommended needs.
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Exercise will play as one of the contribution to lose the fats in our body, but it is not alone. if you really want to lose weight or make things happen, you should exercise, change your lifestyle and go on choosing healthy foods. Doing exercise is okay and will help you lose your fats, but those fats will all come back again if you cannot control food, you are selecting food to eat that will make you fat and you still have poor lifestyle. If you still doing all the I mentioned then you lose fats only through perspiration on the day that you work out but still it will come back and come back when you continue do not selecting the food you eat. Better exercise twice a week, drink water, have 8 hours of sleep, eat vegetable, avoid fatty, salty and too sweet foods. Make sure the cardio exercise will become a habit to burn those calories immediately. Exercise will definitely burn fats and it should be the right exercise as well and not those that will strain you.
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I'm pretty sure doing exercises will help burn a mountain of weight and Fats. Though exercise doesn't work alone. It needs to be a combination of exercising ,dieting and overall healthy lifestyle. Exercising without proper diet is like bringing down a wall brick by brick and then adding the bricks back right after. The same kind of food you consume will add the weight back.

Exercising is a great way to increase metabolism, burn calories, tone muscles, increased heart health and general body fitness. You can exercise as much as your body can take and there are certain exercises for target areas that work efficiently.

Determine the calories you take in everyday. Then reduce it to just about what you need for weight loss and you'll be fine.
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Doing exercise is the best thing you can do to lose your body fat. Apart from exercise you also need to focus on the diet along with the exercises. The combination of both would definitely burn fat out of your body. Some of the exercises include running, jogging, gyming etc.
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I believe more than 90% of the process that faults the body into gaining unwanted excess weight is by eating unhealthy and inability to burn amounting number of calories through body exercise.

Drawing from the above, I believe it's factually right to say that executing regular workout or exercise routines along with engaging in proper food diets are the healthiest and most effective means of losing weight. 

Do not make the mistake of assuming very overweight persons can indulge in weight loss process that doesn't involve workouts. I've seen commercials on different new techniques of losing weight like the application of fat burners which is said to be very effective. 

Yes, they are quite effective but not a stand-alone process. To achieve a longterm result, one has to mix this process with eating healthy and regular workouts. It's of no use if you use fat burners and end up munching more calories as usual without exercising to burn those fats. 

Eating healthy and exercising can also be challenging to persons who intend on losing weight. Both methods also require you stick to certain rules as with other methods too. You can't expect to lose weight if you jump on a hamburger immediately after exercising, it just won't work. Hence, weight loss has everything to do with self motivation and discipline. In my opinion, these are the most important factors in the process of losing weight.
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The best bet has always been exercise and dieting, it not has if just exercising wouldn't cut it but it takes longer time than when combined with dieting. Exercises can help one lose weight provided we do more and expend more than what we consume. The ideology is that exercises help to expend stored fat hereby burning calories and this inturn brings weight loss.

So to make exercising be effective when only relying on it,it better one just avoid eating before exercising,just let the stored fat be expended during the period of exercising and again exercising help keep one heart rate stays up which helps to speed up metabolism and calories are burnt throughout the day.So the thing is yes one can lose all weight just exercising but add consistency to it.
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Exercise is a big source to long living no doubt about it,  the moment we partake in any exercise it is not only calories burn that takes place but virtually all organs in the body feel the impact of change in their operating system.
People with abundant fats can easily loose the fat content in them with continuous and constant exercise,  this might take time but it remain the natural source to loose fat that will not have any negative effect in the near future.
Exercise can only have it effects on such people if they work according to the directives of the physician most importantly on the nature of food intake,  rate of food consumption. It is not expected of someone trying to loose fat to continually consume high fat-content food.
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In any diet, you will need exercise to tighten the skin that has been stretched out from weight gain. No matter how much weight you lose your skin will be flabby and baggy and the only way to get back the tone is through exercise. Weight loss and exercise go hand in hand and you need both of them in order to succeed. If you start a weight loss program you will need to exercise at least 3 tunes a week in order to tighten your skin and muscles and also help to lose weight.
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It depends on how big is the person is. If he or she is, then it needs to be patient. There are so many ways to have these appropriate exercises to burn out the calories. Gymming is the best option. You can also ask for the service of a fitness coach to guide you all throughout.
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Exercise is best to loss your fat because there's maximum medicine who promise you to loss your fat but it's not so effective he say after taking this medicine just start your exercise proper but I say you don't take any medicine only do exercise and you will see it's so profitable.
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you should exercise, change your lifestyle and go on choosing healthy foods. Doing exercise is okay and will help you lose your fats, but those fats will all come back again if you cannot control food, you are selecting food to eat that will make you fat and you still have poor lifestyle. 
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Exercises are one of the best natural way to reduce your body fat like--

* Get up and go for a run or walk in early morning.

* Do cycle riding as much as possible.

* Do circuit training.

* Kickboxing.

* Yoga.

* Surya namaskar.

* Stretching exercises.

* Pranayam,etc.
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