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What an interesting question.  Never thought about it.  But I think ice cream or chocolate should be on the list of "Best Food To Eat After Sex".  :D

I tried to search for a list on the Internet because the first couple of articles I found were not so informative, so I didn't bother looking further.

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If people were hungry after sex I think they would just rush to the kitchen and grab the nearest snack handy although in my opinion many people just fall asleep right after rather than eat.
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Just grab anything what is available to eat and that would be fine, not unless you are craving for something.
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Energy giving food are my go to when I'm done with making love immediately. 

Taking enough water as well is also among what I rush for immediately. 

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Sex is a good way of exercising and during the exercise(sex) a man tends to lose like 100 calories whereas a woman loses 70 calories. This is energy loss which needs to be  regained immediately after the activity.The immediate food a person is supposed to take are fruits because they're refreshing. Especially taking bananas will be right because they not only refresh you but also they provide potassium.

Also, its advisable to take kind of foods that will give you appetite faster and you'll tend to eat much.Foods like cakes can give you much appetite plusa slice of pizza once in a while.

Finally, you'll need to take energy drinks  that will provide you energy immediately after sex like coconut water and even water itself. Some other foods include pineaples and meat.
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Essentially, foods that are meant to be taking immediately after sex should be energy giving foods so that the energy loss can be quickly regained. Notable point worthy of taking into consideration is that foods that are taken before sex basically shouldn't be the same as the kind of foods that should be taken after sex.

Foods that you can consume after sex are foods that are rich in carbohydrates, e.g, oat, rice, tapioca, yam etc. Proteineous foods should also be considered as they are meant to repair the worn out tissues due to the exertion caused by the sex exercise, e.g, chicken, beef, fish, beans, eggs, cheese etc.
Other foods that can as well be taken are foods packed with vitamins and minerals such as fruits and vegetables including water.

Finally, foods that can serve this purpose should be complete balanced diet(containing all the six classes of food) that are in the right proportion to support and replenish the lost energy.
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Sex is really energy sapping and sometimes after it which is like any other physical activity one is left burned out,hungry and weak and of course what the body needs is just a little supply of fluid and food to be energyize again.

Taking these foods after sex can help replenish loss energy and give us the needed energy and also get us satisfied.

There are:




These food will help  give us nutrients like potassium that will help us avoid leg cramp after sex,take away any fishy smell especially for the females,add enough calories to the system ,gives the body the needed nutrients and of course the water will help replenish all loss fluid. With these food one will be great after sex.
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The best food to eat after sex depend on individual and even the weather at that moment. Some people prefer what will warm their body again while some will prefer what will relax the muscles or nerves even more.

But the best type if things to take after sex is not anything specific,but anything light enough to make the body more comfortable. Which I thoughtfully differ from person to person.

An English or while men will prefer hot coffee with little honey or ice cream in a hot region or condition. While a black,usually Africans prefer cold water tea in hot weather or warm water tea in a cold weather. Or even heavy food to regain the strength.

Sex is actually an exercise that usually gets the body system more functional to accommodate easy body circulation. It is there expected to make one hungry after the whole thing.
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Believe me when I tell you that there so many health benefits of having sex that most people fail to understand or be open to admitting to. Maybe it's something to do with most times seeing sex as a reserved practice that should be carried out by only married couples but it's actually not if we are facing the reality in truth.

Sex is a very good exercise depending on how one engages in the act. But at the long end of it, you are definitely going to burn some calories in the process which is why most times when one just finished with sexual intercourse especially the men, they feel very hungry immediately. Take for instance, I feel that way immediately I'm done with making love with my wife. So, I have made it a point of duty to have any kind of energy giving food around.

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