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I don't know if there is something like dress recommendation for someone with high blood pressure. This is my first time of hearing such question, so I am not sure what to answer but if you need better answer, I would suggest consulting your doctor. 

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You will need something breathable, só you do not get hot > uncomfortable > higher blood pressure. Also make sure you also avoid super Tight clothes like super tight socks, as they also cut your blood circulation and can cause bad effects in your body - and lots of discomfort.

Also bet on natural breathable material such as cotton and if you sweat a lot avoid wearing a lot of clothes that will keep you too warm. This will help you remain cool and só will help you control blood pressure.

Also make sure you do not forget the meds as Just using clothes to help you regulate how you feel will probably not be enough.
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I had no idea that clothing could affect blood pressure until I read this question but it would seem that if your back is not supported it can raise your diastolic blood pressure by 6mmHg so the type of clothes you wear can have an impact. Tight clothes like belts or elastic compress blood vessels so it's best to avoid these and wear looser clothes.

Blood pressure should also be taken on a bare arm and never over clothes as it will not give a correct reading. Studies have shown that  even a shirt rolled up to the elbow can give an inaccurate reading so it is best to wear a sleeveless top.

It's important to get regular blood pressure checks as high blood pressure does not always present symptoms and has often been described as the silent killer.
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For me loose or comfortable clothes. Even clothes with hole, and that is when you are just inside your home for you not to feel ashamed, lol. People with high blood pressure needs to put on clothes that are breathable. If they will choose to wear something that is sticking to the skin, they might end up irritable. It will even make it hard for them to breathe. Besides clothing, they also need to check their blood pressure and avoid getting angry as quickly as 123. If they know they have it, not even with clothing, they should always remember to keep calm and don't let irritation gets in the way. I agree with cotton and a very thick fabric which I don't know the term. The one clothing the sliding the skin all throughout and will just absorbs the perspiration.

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