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When new to cigars, here are some tips:

Visit a cigar shop and ask for recommendations. At first, consider milder cigars. The shop assistance will be pleased to advice.

Do not use a cigarette lighter or candle. Invest in a butane lighter or ask your local cigars shop for longer cigar matches.

There’s no need to inhale. The flavours come from playfully manipulating the smoke including a technique called retrohaling, which is worth mastering. I do inhale some cigar smoke, for that heady nicotine lift.

The size and shape of the cigar will also determine the smoking time, but in most cases set aside an hour. Combine with another activity like reading or sipping a drink. Keep a sweet drink on stand by, if you’re feeling overwhelmed by the cigar.

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Top  Cigars For Beginners Romeo 

Y Julieta Capulet. 

Oliva Connecticut Reserve. 


Rocky Patel American Market Selection. 

Perdomo Champagne. .

Larutan Natural Cigars By Drew Estate. 

Macanudo Cafe. 

Gran Habano #1 Connecticut.
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In this article, we are visiting our Top 5 Cuban cigars for beginners, giving you hints to what you can find in each other and why we think they are safe choices for you that are starting.  

Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure No 2. 

Quai D'Orsay No 50. 

Cohiba Siglo I. H.Por Larranaga Panetelas. 

Cohiba Lancero.
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