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Girls of which age? You have to be precise. If you are talking in general, then I would say girls mostly love Teddy bears or soft toys, something to cuddle or hug. Especially in bed they need, so that they could sleep hugging it..
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Baby girls like to play with dolls. Specially Barbie dolls teddy bear and soft toys. Every girl small or big like Jewellery, bangles, bracelets and hair accessories. Girls or even women of any age like expensive perfume, designer dresses, Hand bags, branded clothes, Shoes and sandals. 
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Girls love to play with dolls . They are female and have that instinct and the mother character in them . Hence getting a doll to dress, cuddle and hug is what makes them happy.
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A small baby girl play with their different toys like a unicorn, some glitter pens, a princess doll, a cap gun, a toy robot, some slimes,etc.
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I think the best gift you can give is a mobile, or tablet, special for girls. The tecnology is important in the world right now. All the people need a mobile or tablet, or something to comunicate with others....
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 girls have different choices such as some girls are girlish and want cute stuff such as teddies, ear rings, nose rings , jeans, tops, while some are cool dude types and prefer hoodies, caps, shoes .

So it depends on your girl, which type she is
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Bluetooth Karaoke System I think is the best choice.

This karaoke machine streams audio via Bluetooth, so you can bring the karaoke bar experience right into your living room. Your kid can control the brightness of the disco lights and record her performance to play back later.
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Give your child the gift of an active imagination with the help of these top toys for girls from Fat Brain Toys. Our selection of the best gifts for 4 year old girls includes a wide range of exciting games, puzzles and activities to help her learn and grow. And with a collection that has been customized to her specific age, you’ll have plenty of options for a memorable, unique gift that’s sure to become her new favorite in no time. For all your gift-giving needs for kids, be sure to shop for fun, educational toys at Fat Brain Toys.
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Toys that girls play depends on their age. But girls of all age groups like Teddy Bear. Girls of age group below 12 likes all sort of dolls to play. Teddy Bear is the most common one that girls prefer to have.
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From my point of view Childish girls like doll type of toys and guns, cars toys.

But an adult girl may be like sex toys like vibrator and dildo
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