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As I look back on this I can honestly say not a fun one for sure. I was a single parent, worked full time and went to college at night. Finding time to balance all this was rather difficult, to say the least. I worked full-time during the day, which meant that I needed a babysitter, a daycare, or a place for my daughter to go before and after school when she got older. 

Run home after work to pick up my daughter, make dinner, get her ready for the babysitter and off to class. Come in late at night and try to study while she was sleeping. The next day was the same routine. Because of my job and the duties I performed I needed to attend classes 4 nights a week and work 5 to 6 days a week. 

I never had the change to enjoy college life like some do and go to parties or even hang out in study groups with friends. So my experience of college was solely based on work and a need to attend for my job. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy going to College, learning, and gaining new skills. I ended up with more than one degree when I was done. My company kept sending me back again and again to gain new knowledge and another degree. I look back now and I am happy they did. 
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Life in college for me was many things. Though I admit that it took me my first year to get settled and adjust to college life. Before I went off to college, I was mostly alone enjoying my company all by myself. So when I got to college, I had to get used to the maddening crowd and people from diverse ethnicity both foreign and local. 

I began learning, integrating and getting accustomed to college life. I worked hard and I played hard to get good grades. Looking back now, I can say that I miss my college years. Those were the years I began to find myself and accept me for who I am before anyone else. I feel very much accomplished. 
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I loved my college life. School had not been a particularly happy place for me but college was so different. We could wear our own clothes, the rules were more relaxed and I felt genuinely happy to be there. I was also following something I really wanted to do and not having to do subjects that I disliked which is the way it was at school.

I also started to make many new friends, people I had plenty in common with so it opened up my social life. I remember feeling very happy and relaxed during those days. I attended college at two separate times during my life, once when I was 17 to study secretarial work and then again when I was 24 to do A levels. Both times were very enjoyable for me and I gained the qualifications that I needed so I look back on them with great affection.
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My life when I was in college was both happy and struggling. I am a scholar and I depend my tuition fee to my scholarship. Sometimes, the money arrived late so I need to have a back up. I learned that the school allows student to work inside the school to earn a little, so I applied as a library assistant during my long breaks. The money I earned is just enough for transportation allowance. I applied for another job inside administration and I used the money as a back up just in case we need something to buy at school. Once my allowance from scholarship arrives, it am all happy and I save the remaining for future need. I can say that during college, I already know the value of money and hard work. I was struggling because it is hard to work and study at the same time. I even joined different school clubs, I was a member of a choir that lately gave me a half scholarship. I survived with the help of myself and my family motivates me a lot. It was a struggle but I am very thankful because if I did not meet any hardship I will not persevere. I have that kind of attitude as of this day.
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