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Probably because bacteria are killed when you cook it. It doesn't mold easily too compared to raw food.
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A cooked food has been subjected to high temperature that has killed the microorganisms in the food, thus it can last longer than the raw food because there is still the presence of microorganisms in the raw food, which could it to spoil.

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Not all cooked food last longer than raw food. Most types of food have longer shelf life in their raw state. Take for instance rice, beans ,potatoes. But when you cook them without any form of preservatives, they tend to spoil easily. What matters is how you cook your food. Most food will decay because of water content. Bacteria thrives in warm moist environment. So if you are boiling and steaming, there's higher probability of decay because you are introducing liquid medium into the food but if you are roasting, grilling and frying,and the likes that do not involve liquids, these methods will allow the food to last longer since most of the water content will get evaporated by the heat.
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A raw food contains bacteria, microorganisms and the enzymes in the raw food are very active.Cooking the food means that the food undergoes heat and dehydration at the same time. Cooking the food at normal temperatures won't help out in preserving the food, the heat must be very high.

Heating the food will deactivate the enzymes present and kill them hence the food remain dormant.Dehydration on the other hand ensures that there no medium for the bacteria to move on freely.The enzymes present in the raw food are responsible for the spoilage. In case you put the cooked food again in a place where there is moisture it might spoil again since a medium will be created and the bacteria will be active again. That's why a cooked meal should be stored in a place that's moisture free.
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I believe cooked food last longer because of the different ways of preservation. When once food is refrigerated it stay solid and it will remain that way until it is ready to be eaten.unlike raw food that might be left bare and some flies perch on it and gets it contaminated which makes it go bad quick.

In a case like fresh  tomatoes, this is a perishable one,if it isn't well preserve it sometimes get bad on its own,when once it get soften and it not immediately used, it goes bad that way.

Cooked food goes through the process of heating too,which hinder it from going bad,even if one warm a particular food so many times it wouldn't go bad it might just  have a slight taste from when it was first cooked but not going bad.
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Why can't raw food go into the refrigerator too. I refrigerate, meet, beans, potatoes, fish etc. Raw food isn't always left bare. 
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Most certainly @keibah....I agree with you. Not all cooked foods last longer than raw foods, except your definition of raw differs from ours. In fact drawing from my personal experiences with kitchen activities, raw foods last way longer than cooked foods.

If we were to rule out freezing and other forms of proper food preservation, then the majority of cooked foods will last only a couple of hours as supposed to raw foods. Most cooked foods kept enclosed without air gets spoilt very quickly. On the other hand, I buy and store raw foods without exercising any special preservation and they tend to last for months without any sign of getting spoilt. Take rice for instance. Raw rice can be stored for months in a dry place and it won't get spoilt. But cooked rice get spoilt without freezing or heating every now and then.

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