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Not directly, no, however it will definitely make breathing much harder and much more tiring.

When you have pneumonia your lungs may get filled with liquids and so it will be much harder to breath. You will not necessarily suffocate 100%, but you can develop many bad conditions due to the lack of oxygen in your system.

It is very dangerous to not treat pneumonia and when you feel that it is hard to breath it is a bag sign. It is always important to visit the doctor as soon as the couching does not go away. If you feel mucus in your chest also make sure you see a doctor as soon as you possibly can.

So bottom line is: you will not suffocate 100%, but you will have trouble breathing and such trouble will evolve to other bad things that will definitely make you suffer.
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Pneumonia being known as a respiratory  problem that makes it difficulty for one to breath freely is commonly caused by the exposure of one's body particularly the torso to excessive cold. Suffocation on the other hand is also a breathing problem that is caused by lack of fresh air.

Now on whether if pneumonia causes suffocation. From the respective explanations I gave about these two terms, you will notice that they are both closely related. Of course pneumonia can cause suffocation because once an individual is suffering from pneumonia will becomes quite difficult for he/she to breath freely as ought to, which would automatically in turn lead to suffocation.

The human respiratory system is wired in such a way that any breathing problem that's being experienced must cause suffocation. That's why you will notice asthmatic patient that is choking would find it difficult to breath, and this is also as a result of suffocation(there is no air in the respiratory tract).

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