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Well it can be many things, including:

1) your memory is just way too full, and then the phone kind of gets nuts. Try to get rid of some of the things that make your phone´s memory full such as pictures, videos, midia in general, apps.

2) the battery has been used for too many cycles, so it is giving signs it is about to die...permanently

3) if you did jail break it can be a sign that there is something wrong with the OS

4) maybe you need to update the OS, sometimes we avoid updating and the support for certain apps and other things gets outdated

5) if the phone is way too old (say like 5 years old) maybe it is just "old age"

Hope this helps! 
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Normally this is an indication that the phone was turned off, has gone into sleep mode, or there is an issue with the battery. Check the following:

  1. When you have ended a call make sure that you don't hit the on/off switch when going back to the main menu.
  2. Make sure that the phone isn't being dis-activated when you store it in your pocket. People can hit the on/off button when storing a phone.
  3. When using your phone, make sure you are hitting the correct button to activate the phone. Some people will press the power button when they start to use the phone. This will cause the phone to display the logo.
  4. Don't allow the phone to lose all the charge of the battery before charging the battery. If the phone has died and you're charging the phone the logo will normally appear.
  5. If a phone has just completed an update the logo normally appears.
  6. If you hit the wrong button by mistake and press the power button the phone will normally recycle and display the logo.

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