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I believe that witchcraft actually exists. I never used to believe but there are some instances where things have happened and witchcraft has been found to be the cause. So have you seen some things happen around you that just don't seem as usual or normal?
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oI never seen or witness about it and I only seen one on movies. But, I think they do exist because that's why the movie made right.
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There is a particular state here in my country called Ogun State. They are known very well for their practice in black magic and witchcraft. 

So, black magic and witchcraft is real. 
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I totally agree there are very real, because I see alot of this performances and I often doubt there could just be mere tricks

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There are things that is happening especially to less modernize cities and provinces here in my country that technology cannot explain. I do believe that there are people that have powers that could hurt someone. Even I learned more about the stories that parents shared to me, I do believe that there are people doing witch craft and have this certain spell to hurt someone. As a Christian or Catholics, we should not believe on it, but some of them believe that witchcraft came from evil. It is hard to say my opinions as it is really happening to some cities. Some people defend themselves from bad people that hurt them through witchcraft or black magic. Some even made their dreams come true with the help of black magic. What I know is that, it will never reach my brain to do these things as I know that I will meet Karma in return. I rather have clean conscience and will not think bad thing against other people. Whatever it is, we should not invite ourselves to try this one no matter how hard for us and how it is easy for other people to do this thing to us. I fear God and I will not engage myself with this.
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In live in Africa. Over here, there's so much going on that has to do with witchcraft and black magic. You see a lot of people in real life and media coming out to talk about how they've been involved in witchcraft, occult, ritual killings and all sorts of barbaric activities. 

I've come to understand that even other parts of the world have people that practice witchcraft and black magic. I also understood that not all that practice are bad. There are what you call "white witches." They claim their power comes from the light and they fight the darkness. 

I believe witchcraft and black magic and other crafts exist. However, I don't believe in it enough for it to have any effect on me. 
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Of course if we have a strong faith then such spirit or powers can't hold us down. We have Dominion over them. 
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For me its 50/50. Some circumstances happens just naturally and we end up blaming people that we've been bewitched. At times its always a coincidence that something bad happens to us and we claim being bewitched. I think this is because of the great number of enemies that we have. Am just wondering what if we didn't have enemies, who could we blame  to have bewitched us.

On the contrary, some things just happen out of no where and i have experienced this.Some people from my country literally cause drought for almost a year so that they receive aid from the government.

What i think is best, as a Christian, we shouldn't believe in witchcraft even if it exists. The moment we believe ,we will start conserving the thoughts and the effects will be tremendous. Having a very Strong faith and reading the Bible can help this a lot.
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I have to agree with you.when once our faith is higher then we should be able to live above the fear of demons,then again some things are just natural happenings.
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There are many societies that still practice the art of witchcraft or black magic. I have seen a few of the rituals and they are amazing, to say the least. I'm not sure how much of it I actually believe in, but I have witnessed some very strange things when I was living and working in certain parts of Mexico, Jamacia, and even in New Orleans.  

I've met a few people who deeply believe in dark magic and how it can cure so many things. One time I saw the red blood turn black and had no way of explaining this at all. I also saw a person given some sort of pouch with some herbs inside and told to sleep with the pouch under a pillow. 

I think if you are open minded all this is possible and if you've ever seen anything that deals with the darker side, you'd believe that it can exist. I don't really think it is all in the mind. I think there is more to it than that. 
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I'm quite a skeptical kind of person and as I've never witnessed black magic I can't say I really believe in it. I remember hearing about a woman who had many bad things happen to her and she said it was because her neighbour was practising black magic and casting spells on her. In Africa black magic is a reality and is believed by the both the educated and the illiterate so it does make me wonder whether it could be possible

 In the 1600s people who were believed to be witches were burned at the stake. I would not have liked to be around in those times. There is a long list of people who met their fate this way if you search on the internet so during this time people believed they existed.
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I have read about this too and I wonder the criteria used to determined who is a witch or not. It was really sad then. 
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With this question my African origin will kick in and I'm will have to hate myself for typing this but I just have to agree that witches and witchcraft are real. Well,with my enlightenment and exposure I can't seem to let go of the fact that demons are real and the most times are more hurtful than give any help whatever that's if they really do.

I have witnessed a lot of confession and transformation in my local church by those possessed by this powers to want to disagree that there's nothing of this but since I have been a witness though not one then I can strongly agree that they exist.

The problem I have with them is why they only cause havoc nothing good comes out of this.
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Its  very scary to even think about it, leave alone experiencing it with your own eyes . I sometimes think that when those demons are being cursed out of someone and you are not strong in your faith they could find a home in you. A lot has been said about this but i concur with you on this one.
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Well,that's what I always hear that it can move from one person to another.Thank God that there's a spirit that can overpower it. 
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Yes, there is indeed witchcraft. They are in different forms of witchcraft. Previously, I never believed they exist. I have always thought they where just mere figment of people's imagination. What made believe they exist is that some of them has tried quite number of times to attack me while asleep. They will come as an invisible force attempting to take what they did give to me, which is my soul, forgetting that my soul belongs to God who gave it to me.

Unfortunately for them, they have failed at equal number of times they have tried to. They thought they can touch God's annointed forgetting that there's no weapon formed against me shall proper. Anytime they come like that all do is called the Blood of Jesus Christ, and before I will know it they will flee.

I believe that they exist but they are powerless when it comes me. They can not have dominion over me because the God I serve is the only true supreme God.
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I likethe way you put it, that theu have tried you several times but failed, its like they were looking for a job but got rejected each time they tried. It's true they can never get to God's own child because you are covered by the blood of Jeaua and there is no weapon that's formed against that will prosper well said.
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Witchcraft is real and it actually exist everywhere in the world. I use to live in a environment or community where things like witchcraft actually led to several death of person or people. Many confessions by a witch or wizards that they did this and that, which actually happened according to the confession.
I've seen where a wizard confessed that he's behind the terrible ssickness of his two son, that its time for him to make his contributions and wish to make it double. He also confessed where he planted the whole thing. People beat him to lead them there and he did. Lo and behold, he dig the ground and brought out everything. And after some months the children became well and the wizard died. I don't want to meddle into what they called ghost.
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Welcome to my African origin because if it's witchcraft and black magic that you are making inquiries about, you are very much in for a big treat. African tradition has been well known for its practice of sorcery and witchcraft to the extent that they even use the witchcraft and black magic against themselves.

Illiteracy is among the major problems most African people have faced for ages and it even made them to lack the knowledge of how to use the resources and power at their disposal. Americans used the knowledge that was available to them to improve their technology but we Africans are so illiterate that we use the ability to tap into the power of spiritual world and the supernatural to amass power and harm ourselves.

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