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God is my everything he is my provider, protector, my healer, i don't think i can go a day without asking for his guidance. What about you do you ask him to walk with you in everything you do?
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It would be very difficult to think of living without involving the thought of GOD. You can't build the symmetry of world without HIS involvement. HE is the healer, the provider of all that we have today. One can not choose the right path without HIS guidance
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You are right. Sometimes It is a struggle for human beings to put God above all. We forget that it isn't entirely up to us and if we just let him, it will be easier. 
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I can not do a thing without asking for his wisdom and direction. God is my source of everything. For me if not for God I would have longed be dead because the evil forces in this world are trying everyday to take away my soul but my God has always and he would continue to be my protector, provider, deliverer and redeemer.
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No I will never do that, he is the alpha and omega.The only person that declares the end from the beginning. So to have a safe sail in life,my God must be involved.
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It would be a very foolish decision not to involve God in whatever you do in life as a Christian. He is one who makes the impossible to be possible. 

I always pray first thing in the morning whenever I wake up and commit my days schedules in God's hands. 
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This should always be on everyone mind.Not leaving God in all one's does. I like the fact that more people have come to realize this at least from the post here.

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As a dedicated and devoted Christian I have always believed that God is my source of everything. Throughout my life on earth before now, I have liking myself to a river that can never forget its source(God). I believe we all know what happens to a river that forgets it source: it will definitely run dry.

I feel God has been far too kind to me more than anybody out there. When I look back at all I have been through in life and how God has showed up at crucial moments by using people to reach out to me, I realized indeed there is God. When all hopes were gone, when father and mother, brothers and sisters abandoned me, God has always be there for me.

How I almost got killed countless number of times. When I fell from baboon tree as a kid in between two erected baboon sticks. What about when I almost got drawn under the bridge. Is it the accident that I was almost knocked down by motorcycle. God has been more than faithful to me. There is nobody/anything that can take his place in my life. I earnestly look forward to seeing him one on one someday and telling him thank you for all you've done for me.
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Everyday is a new dawn for me and I give all gratitude to God.  I admit that sometimes I carry on doing things on my own without seeking guidance and protection. When I do that, the pressure and the load is always heavy on me. It would feel like the weight of the world is on me but as soon as I seek the almighty, I become as free as a bird and everything falls into place. There's always this divine feeling and reassurance when you pray to God. 

I'm not the best worshiper and I don't have the perfect relationship with God but I take baby steps towards him. I feel like his arms are open in welcome and embrace every time I go closer and I believe with time, I'll get there. 
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Yea putting God first gives ua the assurance that he is watching over us always. He is a faithful God.
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Every morning i see the broad daylight, I always bow down and thank God.The gift of life is enough and the most crucial thing that will enable me to work and achieve whatever have been wanting to achieve.God has been loyal to me since that day I first  breathe this world's air. On certain circumstances  you expect God to be with you especially in tragic situations but He's never on your side. I usually get demoralised but then i comfort myself that God has a purpose as to why everything happens the way they do.

I obviously cannot live without involving God in everything I do.He's the reason why am still living upto today and He knows my future plans.Despite of what people say about God, I'll not cease to praise and honour Him as along as I live.

All we have to understand is that, with God everything is possible even the one's that seem hard to accomplish.
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Thats very true God is paramount in our lives. Its nice to know that when you wake up in the morning the first thing you do is to thank God for your life very important. Its not by our powers or might, but by the spirit of God.
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I really think this is how you were raised and what you were taught to believe in. I for one was raised a different way. My mother and grandmother are Native American Indians. We were raised in this culture and taught there isn't just one God. That God lives all around us in everything we do. There is a God for the rivers, ocean, mountain, sky, fire, food and even harvest. When the rains don't come the Indians dance and pray to the God of rain to rain down upon the land and wet the soil to make the crops grow.

Now living on the island the Tahitian people also have many God they use to pray to for help. If two tribes would go to war the chief of each trip would pray to the God of war to protect their men in battle and bring them home safe. In the morning when the men of the village would go out to fish the chief of the tribe would again pay to the God of the ocean to bring the men home safe with food for the people to eat.

There are many beliefs in the world and each culture has their own beliefs. You believe in one God where others believe in many. 
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I won't refute what you have written i reapect everyone's believes, because we all have different sentiments on who God is. So you say you have many gods but if i may ask who is the overall one in all this? Anyway you don't hqve to answer that am just thinking aloud. Thanks for aharing your opinion.
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I'm not religious in the conventional way but I do believe there is something out there after we die, a higher being. I don't think it's the end when we leave this earth. I have a friend who says to me "Aren't you worried that you might not get into heaven because you don't go to church?"  The simple answer to that is no, if there is someone out there I will be judged on how I have conducted my life and for the good things I do.

Some people believe that God was created by man to put fear in people and keep them under control. I know this opinion will not be popular with many people but I think it's possible.
by 3 11 22
You know its until you know God and understand his word that you will be able to understand what Christianity is all about. Opinions are many but there is only one truth that we will all get to know one day, thank you for sharing.
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No,I can't go through this wicked world without having the backings of God, no matter what people would want to say I will reiterate that there's God and he is the only person that can help us in a world like this.

I know I go through some situations that just need a bigger hands to pulled me through and I know no body can give such help apart from God and when I called upon him.he responds in a hurry and gives me the needed hope to carry on.

God is my source of inspiration, my comforter my Redeemer, my provider, my healer,my confidant I can't imagine having all I have ever asked for coming true without God.He is closer than we ever thinks.
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I cannot imagine myself not involving God in everything I do. Once I opened my eyes in the morning, I start to thank God for waking me up because he will not wake me up if he want to, he will not give me a chance to live a day if he want to. I am thankful that everyday is a chance for me to get better. Once I go out in the road, my journey going to work, I start to pray for him to guide me for another day. I also pray for him to watch over our house, our pets, my mother at home, my brother working and even my sister at work. I also ask lots of questions while I am traveling and for sure he knows what I am thinking about most of the time. I cannot imagine not calling his name when I started to get confuse or panic. I always call God, whisper his name and I tell him all.
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In my case, it is a no. As I grew up in the church I learned how to fully trust God in everything I will do. I learned how to fully entrust to Him all my decisions and actions, will it be in my work, game, going to some places I didn't know and also in my vacation, I always ask for His guidance so I could be safe in everything I will do. I truly believe in God and to His power, I believe that my God will deliver me to all evil and will keep me safe all of the time, also I believe that He is one who provides everything I need. I trust Him and I already put my life into His hands. It would be very hard for me to live without God because He is my savior and my guidance in my life. I will definitely go astray if I live without seeking and obeying His guidance. I believe that God has good plans for my life.
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Living without God in everything that you do is like living in miserable life.I have proof that without God in between that you do, it's a chaos and worst than ever you imagine. There were time in my life that I almost forget about God because I have a partner who doesn't believe in God. And everything for me wasn't easy to deal with someone who is like that. But, i realized in the end that God gave me this person, that He let me know that there is someone out there that never know what God is. All i know is that everyone believes in God and knows God exist, but it's my first time to encounter that someone exist.This made me think that I am surely grateful that I know God personally and I believed in Him. I wanted my kids to do the same as me, it's not an easy task for me,but I will ask God's help and guidance for that.
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There is something that I know in life and that is the fact that God is good and merciful to us all. You can't deny the fact that as long as we are in this world, we can't take the fact that God is supposed to be involved in everything that we do. There is something that we should try and understand is also the need for us to appreciate God in things that we do.

I have seen some people that think that God is not always there for them and that is a wrong notion. You shouldn't think of trying to make use of things that don't give God joy as that is a way for someone to displease God. Prayer is powerful and has been a way that we connect to the almighty. So, I believe that when we want to start things, we should always try to connect to God in prayers.
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Well, in my opinion as a Christian and a believer, it's something that is very important to do by having your lord and personal savior God and Jesus Christ to take the front row in anything that you are going to be doing in order to have his grace, guidance, protection, support, and direction because one with God is majority in anything and anywhere that you found yourself.
Personally, I wouldn't joke with not involving God in everything that I do because he is more than willing and capable of helping me out when the road gets tough and rough. There is a verse in the holy Bible that says, "Come to me all who are heavy burden and I will give you rest" and another verse says, "Ask and it shall be given unto you, knock and the door would be opened up for you". So why wouldn't I take advantage of involving my God in all of do.
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This is certainly not possible for every believer including me,  for every seconds of existence I believe that it is by the permission of God which automatically makes Him the determinant of everything I do and I become in life,  so I have got no choice to involve God in all I do.
There are times that we are so carries away with activities of life which are mostly centered on how make life comfortable for our selves and our family such that the we forget to say prayers of committing God but our intentions matters because our conscience will always remind us and once your conscience is alive you are lucky because you will always involve God in all you do.
I tried to figure out anything I can do without involving God but I can't find any and I don't think I will find any because God is everything.
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