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Human created artificial intelligence, therefore still human is the leader among them.

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Technology overall ends several jobs even though it creates a lot too. It just takes away the Jobs from more people and gives it to others with a lot of expertise in technology.

I am sure artificial intelligence will give Jobs to specialized tech engineers but will definitely remove thousands of other Jobs all over the world as the tasks performed by these People will no longer be needed (data entry,  Dat analysis, translation, writing, ) and so many more jobs out there.

Technology is very good, creates a lot of opportunities but I am sure AI will definitely erase a whole bunch of position in the market as well.
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There is no doubt about the good which technology brings into the world but I think that the risk and threats it comes with are also equal to the benefits it offers. Take for instance, what happens when these artificial intelligence gets hacked and used to commit serious crimes? It's very worrying. 
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Everything in the world like people, things or the technology always have the two sides as like a coin, in same way the artificial intelligence. It will reduce the man power and will make the work with more precission but at other side it will make much of the people jobless by creating few jobs. It will create job for the people in the field of artificial intelligence by making the people jobless from the thousands of posts that are working accordingly.

It would be difficult but the stake holder than should find the work for those persons to not to derail their moral of life and existance.

What i think is the technology should grow further more but not at the cost of  making our people suffer. 
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I do believe that there are some jobs that technology can successfully do with the help of man. If you use robots in an assembly line they are only programmed to do certain things. If something ahead of them fails, they aren't smart enough to stop. That is why someone has to be there to oversee the overall working of the robots. 

I can see where some artificial intelligence would be able to perform a few jobs, but in reality, we can only teach it so much. We can teach it emotions, how to make a decision on their own, or even how to make the correct choice when it comes to life and death. It will take many more years working with AI to see how smart it can become and how much memory we can pack into the circuit board that will allow it to advance and learns on its own.

I don't see this happening in my lifetime or maybe in the next, but somewhere in the future, this could become a reality one day. 
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So far rise in technology has led some people to lose their jobs.This is because they're faster and can do a workload which was supposed to be done by 50 people at a very fast pace.The only problem out is to cub this out but the reason is why?

According to me think we should also try and be digital plus creative to enable us cub this problem. By this I  mean we should also try coming up with ways  maybe making machines if possible or even think of something unique that will contribute to that. At least find something beneficial and will make you busy.

The only disadvantages about these artificial intelligence is that they require a certain program for them to run and they cannot think like human being In case there's an error in a program.
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Artificial intelligence will undoubtedly affect the workforce of humans which will lead to a massive loss in jobs.

Let's not be biased in drawing our conclusions as some have shown here.The point of achieving artificial intelligence is so we can amplify human intelligence with A.I for the potentials of helping civilization flourish like never before. It means that man isn't satisfied with our reach so far. We're looking to strive further than we already have. And which other way to achieve this, artificial intelligence.

This goes to say that little or no humans will be able to keep pace with A.I once it hits the market. How then will an average human compete with A.Is in the labor market. A.Is will be more smarter, intelligent, reliable, cost efficient in terms of payments, and above all, effective leading to better results than an average human can provide.

Now tell me, who wouldn't want A.Is working most of their jobs?
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It is a possibility. After all, A.I.s were created to surpass human capabilities. Surely, the massive production of A.I.s will have a significant effect on the workforce, especially those jobs that entail manual labor such construction laborers and even fruit and vegetable picking jobs, as having to use these A.I.s would rather be more efficient than hiring humans.

However, I do think that there are still quite a lot of jobs that cannot be accomplished successfully without the aid of humans, and that there are jobs that only humans can do (well for now). These includes those that are mostly related in art such as writing, designing, planning, all of which requires creative thinking.

In an article published by Forbes, they underscored that A.I.s would indeed replace some tasks within a job or jobs performed by humans, but this will in fact help humans focus on higher level tasks. I kind of want to agree on that, as there are certain things that can be readily given to A.I.s but with the rate of advancement of technology, and the capacity of the human minds to continuously improve this invention, I highly doubt that this will still be the case in the years to come.

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Probably, it might be, because the rate at which Artificial Intelligence(AI) is gradually becoming the toast of many companies, we can't bet on job security anymore. Prior to now, job opportunities were barely available for budding prospective young school levers, and but the advent of AI, it's seemingly pretty difficult for them to secure well paid job.

Without sounding like a luddite, I also do appreciate the ease AI would introduced to how tasks are performed efficiently at work places, but it still going to have its adverse disadvantages on the overall job opportunities. Unemployment has crept into virtually all the countries of the world including the developed ones. Unfortunately, it is no longer been unable for one to secure payable employment, but it's now whether one can sustain his/her current working position, as robotics as products of AI has taken over companies, forcing the owners to retrench huge number of their workers.
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Artificial intelligence has the capacity to put a certain population of people out of there jobs. I think this has been happening over centuries and humans compensate for that by becoming more educated to be able to handle and operate in required fields.

I think this number of people being put out increases and not in proportion to technology. A simple device can handle the job of about ten people. Now that's a ratio of 1:10. Think about the effect if this ratio increases exponentially.

This is to say that artificial intelligence can put a good number of people out of their jobs and empower those with more knowledge and skills better suited for a particular task. For instance, a company will not hire ten people to analyse data but they'll hire one person to operate the device best suited for that.
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To be very honest with you on the issue of artificial intelligence being able to take over normal human job opportunities, I would tell you that it's already happening as we speak but on a low level and should the world keep heading towards massive technological advancements, it's not going to be longer and we would barely have any job opportunities left for humans to engage in with the use of artificial intelligence technologies in robots and drones being 90 percent of the workforce while the remaining 10 percent human workers delegated the jobs of carrying out the maintenance of these robots and drones of artificial intelligence. Technological development is good but I'm not really sure if we are ready for this level of development yet, it would tear the center of equilibrium in human capacity to work.
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In those primitive days of our life, when the only affordable device available to a common man is a calculator. Many banks usually employs a lot of staffs not less than 30-50 staffs per branch. But with emergence of computer system and banking software. Many of those staffs lost their job to the extend that many bank branches can now operate with 5 staffs. With higher efficiency. It without doubt challenged many career bankers to invest more on learning.
Same thing will happen with the emergence of artificial intelligence; it will take away a lot of jobs and promote greater efficiency. Meanwhile, it will also creates a more lucrative assignment for programm and Electronics Engineers.

Since the design and serving of it will be done by highly proficient Engineers. It will provide jobs for the Engineers.

Recently, we heard of sex toy, the emergence of such technology will greatly reduce the need for having a human partner s8nce the android device can perform even more efficient that human.

However, it  as its disadvantages t9o. Because the implications of its malfunction will be disastrous. But its advantages will help humanity a lot.

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