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Our body is composed mainly of water and as a way to balance the homeostasis in our body, we need to drink plenty of water. It is great for hydrating or body cells and improves body functions. When you drink more water, you feel full and tendency that if you'll eat after drinking 2 glasses of water, you will eat less amount of food that lowers your cholesterol, fat. And for the muscle gains, you need to exercise and eat protein rich foods. 
Water is recognized as natural healer because every body part of human body is made up of it. The whole human body contain 90% of water,meaning that all activities take place within water environment. With much intake of water cholesterol level in the body can be regulated considerably which would also have significant effects on the fatty particles. As for the muscle, water is the major component of the fibre that makes up the muscle. With much intake of water, muscle mass can be increased.

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It is a well known fact of science that our body is made up of 60% water. Water regulates everything in our body, right from the blood volume and blood flow, carrying of enough oxygen for proper functioning of the organs, aiding our excretory system to regulate and expel waste, for good gut health and proper functioning of the intestines. The goodness of water for our body is plenty and we all cannot survive without water.

When we drink enough water everyday, which is the normal 2-3 liters per day, our body metabolism increases. The more metabolic activity, the more fat burn and thus helps in weight loss and cholesterol maintenance. Water is the prime carrier of nutrients to our body cells and hence aids with muscle development and protein structures in our body. When we drink 2-3 liters water everyday, we can observe that all our bodily functions happen on time, right from morning bowel movements to timely hunger.
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Water in take is very essential for metabolic activities that takes place in our body systems,  it helps regulate the optimal operation of all the organs and system of the body.
When we takes enough water especially very early in the morning it helps to make the heart to be free of diseases, when the heart is in good condition,  body exercise will be easier and the burning of fats in the body will be effective thereby reducing the cholesterol level in the body system.
When there is adequate in take of water the muscles are more functional because fliuid in need to prevent unnecessary friction that can lead to pains in the body.
Water helps to balance the body system and the temperature of the body, water remain the substance that it excess consumption has no Heath implications.
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Drinking water helps boost your metabolism, cleanse your body of waste and acts as an appetite suppresant. Also, drinking water helps your body stops retaining water .
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Drinking water is not connected to burning fats. The main benefit is to hydrate the body when doing exercises. It is better to be hydrated than dehydrated. The water is being used as he or she does exercises. Our bodies will not function well if the water is not enough in the system.
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Water is an essential and important compound needed by our bodies. It helps to hydrate the body and keep it fresh after carrying out exercises. Water comprises some  percentage to our body weight. 
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