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Can I use low fat soy milk as an alternative for cows milk to reduce body fat? Do you have an experience on using soy milk?
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It's low fat milk compared to whole milk so it aids in weight loss i suppose. It's also good for lactose intolerant people.
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I presume since the soy milk is low in fat it should aid in weight loss not for weight gain. Cow milk should be the one that helps in weight gain. 

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2 Answers

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Soy milk does not have any fat as it comes from soy beans, which does not have fat really (if it does the numbers are really insignificant).

I drink soy milk and soy based juice (soy milk + fruit). If it contains sugar it will be bad for you, because it will be processed anyways.

Avoid processed items as much as possible. The soy milk usually contains sugar, make sure you pick the brands that do not come with sugar or high levels of carbohidrates. It will not help you burn fat at all, it is used to help people who have lactose intolerance or even who cannot drink fatty drinks (like myself).

It will not really help you lose weight, it might help you in case you are lactose intolerant or if the fat from milk makes you feel bad like me. Apart from that it will not help in anything else. You will not lose body fat using this, if someone is advertising that it is a big lie.
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Every food you eat which contains carbohydrates and fats have the potential to cause weight gain. What you need to know about weight gain is that if you consume more calories than you burn off, you'll definitely have more weight whereas when you eat less than your body uses, stored fats will be broken down and used for energy hence weight loss. Plus it is often accompanied with exercise and physical activities.
Soy milk is a very good substitute to whole milk. It contains just as much protein, vitamins and calcium. Soy milk has about 115 calories per serving and low fat soy milk gives you 87 calories per serving. Soy milk has 2.0g fats per 100g. More than half of which is the good fat, unsaturated fats. So soy milk is a much healthier milk with lower calories.
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