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Is it reliable to store confidential files on the Google Drive as a safe place?
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yes it is reliable & safe to store files on google drive for any type of information whatever confidential or not no matter

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Like any cloud storage online today it is as safe as you make it. No matter how hard companies try to protect their cloud or even online storage there will always be hackers that try to hack the account. In order to protect your confidential information, it is best to:

  1. Use a good encryption program to encrypt your document before uploading it to Google Drive.
  2. Rule of thumb when using any online storage, if you don't want a person to get a hold of your important documents, then don't store them online. Keep them stored on an external hard drive that uses an encryption key to access the drive and the information stored on it.
  3. When creating a password on your account make sure it is at least 15 to 20 characters long. Make sure the password looks something like this 11^^unstTT<P@@19857. This way a hacker will have a hard time trying to crack your password.
  4. Never use the same password as you use for your other online account.
  5. Don't store your password on your computer.
If you follow these rules your information will be safe.
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For either user data security or legal liability, Google Drive account that is protected by two-factor authentication and a strong password is fairly secure

We can tell from the process that files are uploaded to Google Drive:

1. Before your files leave your devices, it is encrypted using TLS standard by Google, whose security is as strong as your browser connections.

2. After your data is uploaded to Google Drive, it gets re-encrypted using 128-bit AES, which prevents the possible leakage of unencrypted data on their hard drives.

3. The AES encryption key would be encrypted with a rotating set of master keys again.

4. When you retrieve your file from Google Drive, the process is simply reversed and as safe as how it gets uploaded.

You can learn more to help you decide in this article: Is it Safe to Store Sensitive Data like Passwords on Google Drive?

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Yes, it is. Google drive is hundred percent safe for storing data and information. It's so reliable that you can not only store items on it, but also be able to have them retrieved at anytime and anywhere. Google drive is very efficient in helping the users to create account for it and be able to access whatever you store in it from any part of the world without the original device used for the storage operation. This feature of it make it impeccable for storage of data and items done on cloud.
Interestingly, Google drive can also be linked to your Gmail account as well as your Google photos including every other Google application you're using. It also provides you the opportunity to backup items to it from other sources like WhatsApp especially the feature is enabled.
In terms of comparison with other applications for backing up of data and information such as Skype one drive, I would stick out my neck for google drive anytime and anyway.

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