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There have been many end of world predictions none of which have come about but it is possible that one day it could happen whether it be because we are hit by another planet or a nuclear world war. How do you think it is most likely man will cease to be?
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I don't think that the world will end. I think it ends for everyone individually when they die.
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Frankly speaking, I don't think there is somebody with the absolute idea on how the world is going to end. But one thing is certain that the world would come to end when the rapture takes place.
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In the Bible, the world was first destroyed by flood in the time of Noah. 

What we are told today is that the world would be destroyed by fire next but I don't think that is going to happen. Someone's world destroys when the person dies. 

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We can sit here and predict how the world will end. Some say it will be by the hand of God. Some people predict it will end with WWWIII and it will be the worst war the world has ever seen. Then we have others who think the machine will take over and destroy all of mankind. Then last, but not least. we have people that believe the aliens will come from outer space and take over this world. 

In reality, man will destroy the world. Man is this world's biggest enemy. The greed, power, and how they don't care about what they do will end up destroying the world as we know it today. 

Because of technology and the need for oil, manufacturing plants, and feeding the human race is already destroying the world. Many of the rainforests are gone, the ozone layer is being destroyed, there is already a giant hole in the ozone layer. Furthermore, global warming is destroying many places and there are more natural disasters today than ever before. 

We really don't need a God, technology, or even aliens to destroy the world, we have the human race, and they are doing a pretty good job of it right now. Unless people wake up there won't be much left soon. 
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Biblically, I think we are almost nearing the end times. According to Revelations, all the things that were predicted, like brothers killing each other and among other extraordinary things happening are now.All I can say is we're living in dark ages and this is the 11th hour and soon this world will come to an end.All we need to do is repent our sins and live a righteous life as we await the second coming of Jesus to come and rescue us.

According to science, its not yet proven how the world will end.In fact I read somewhere that if a comet falls on the earth's surface, everything will be burned up including all of us.About the planets approaching each other, have never heard of that but am trying to imagine which planet exactly will be approaching the earth.
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Asteroids are minor planets or planetoids and it's thought they wiped out dinosaurs. It's possible they could cause mass destruction and wipe out humanity if one was to strike the earth.  
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If you are looking at scientific studies on how the world is going to end, it's going to be destroyed by over population which would cause feminine, disease, and war. 
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There are many think tanks about how the world going to end. As being a muslim, a believer of Allah i know how it is goin to happen as described by Him. HE who created the world knows better how where will it go at greater extent.

Now the science has proved much of the things as its is noted by us from Allah Almighty. And none of the fact is proved to be wrong yet, so it likely going to be 100% proved as given by HIM soon Ishallah.

Most of the prediction are proved and are around us that indicates that it is going to happen soon, in the manner HE, the Allah has deacribed.

According to science the are many concept about the ending of the world but cant give the any proven answer yet. On of the thought that is more likely accepted is the reverse process of the earth existance as the energy collapsed and the rigid mass come to existance that continued to expand and we have this world as today. Now by ending term it will collapse to the rigid point mass and be converted into to energy again and than be vanished. 
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Looking around you, you'd see that the world is suffering already. Funny how there's war, hunger and starvation in one part while in the other parts, there's lavishness, party, good food and wine and peace. What strange times we live in. Even when we decide to ignore how different religions describe the end of the world, which is apparent already, we can't deny other signs. 

Human beings are living on earth at the expense of other creatures, we destroy the natural habitats of plants and animals to accommodate ourselves, in the name of urbanization and technology, we produce substances that are harmful and toxic to the environment. These things alter the natural cycle of life. We are accumulating unwanted gases in the atmosphere, we are reducing animal population drastically, poisoning sea. Humans, animals, atmosphere are all interconnected and interdependent. If we deplete any, survival becomes critical for the rest. If this trend continues, the human race is likely to be history in the long run. 

Countries are at conflicts and political enemies are formed day by day. Most of these countries have control of nuclear weapons and missiles. Some of these weapons have the capacity to destroy and huge part of the world and send the rest in turmoil, war and total destruction. 

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