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My granddaughter has been pressing me to get her ears pierced but I have held off until now and have said she can have them done for her 12th birthday. At what age to do you think it is good to have them pierced?
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I think if they're 12 or older, it's fine to let them get their ears pierced. Mine were pierced when I was ten.

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My daughter wanted her ears pierced when she was very young. I couldn't do it because I was afraid she would cry and I couldn't bear to see this. She kept after me and one day I was with my best friend and we had the kids out. She saw some people getting their ears pierced and kept after me to do hers. I told her I just couldn't because I didn't want to make her cry. She promised me she wouldn't, I still couldn't do it, so my friend had them done. She was only 3 at the time. I never had an issue with this and it was fine for me.

Now, on the other hand, she had her daughter's ears pierced when she was a tiny baby. In the end, she took out the earning and her ears closed up. When she turned 6 she wanted her ears pierced again so I asked my daughter what she thought. She didn't have a problem with this. I had them pierced a second time. For the first year, she wore the earrings and was happy with them. Then she started soccer and had to take them out. After this, it was hard to get her to wear them again. 

She is now 16 and has finally decided to wear her earring again. This time she asked me to have the hoops put in her ears so they wouldn't come out. This is an earring for body piercing. I took her and had this done.

If I had to do it over again I think it is best to let the child make the decision when they are ready. I believe that when they are very young they don't really know if they want them or not. But the age of 12 I think they are now old enough to know what they want. I never had an issue with my daughter, but my granddaughter was another story. She was more of a sports person and had to always remove the earrings to play sports. In this case, she should have waited until later on to have her ears pierced but we allowed her to do it when she was only 6. I think 12 is a good age and you should be fine. She is now old enough to take care of them herself. 
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This is an interesting question. Where I come from, it is not even an option or a decision to make. Once a woman puts to bed and every other thing has been certified alright, if it is a girl child,the next thing is to get her ears pierced. This is as normal as immunizing a child over here. Usually before seven days after birth, the babies ears are pierced. It is believed to be part of female attributes just like when it is a male, he must also be circumcised at birth. We do not get to decide.

I think that it is a good idea to let the child decide when she is older as practised in other places. I have only come across a few people here who do that but it is usually for religious reasons and not because they want their kids to decide in future. When you want to let your child decide, I think age 10 should be ideal. At that age, they are usually more sensitive and aware of their bodies and they tend to start having personal differences and preferences.

I have three ear piercings. The first one was at birth. I had the second one done when I was nine. My mother had just delivered a girl and she was getting her ears pierced. I decided I wanted another one. I did the third one at college. I was in my second year and I wanted to be a little extra. I love my piercings and if eventually I have a daughter, I would get her ears pierced at birth and then she can decide when she is older whether she wants to keep them or have more.
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The one thing that put me off having my babies done is watching videos which show them screaming and I just can't see the point in having it done so young. The baby doesn't care whether it looks pretty or not so all we are doing is inflicting pain on it for the sake of our own vanity. I would also worry about them getting infected too although I know it is common practice in India to have a baby's ears pierced it seems cruel to me and unfair that this decision is forced upon one so young.

What would happen if this child gets older then decides she doesn't want them? Would that be frowned upon? This is not a criticism as I know each culture has its own way of looking at things. I'm just interested.
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If the child gets older ad decides she does not want them, it is up to her and will not e frowned upon. The mentality of doing is that they are too little to make the decision for themselves. Like you know what is best for your child until they start to have a mind of their own.They feel the child's skin is still very much tender and the possibility of any form of infection is very minimal. 

The culture here is such that girls are raised to be very feminine regardless. So it is very very strange to see a girl without ear piercing. The problem is even when you do not have them. It is like a symbol of being a girl around here. The ones that do not have it for a religious reason or the sort end up feeling intimidated and different when they are young and tend to use magnetic ear rings that do not require piercings just to blend.

I like the fact that girls should be allowed to decide but that might take a while around here.
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